Summer Activities for Grown Kids!

When it comes to summer activities for the big kids (NYC adults), there are thousands of options available. If you can think it or wonder about it, there’s a class for it. Following are some options for New Yorkers looking for new knowledge.

When school’s out for the summer for the kids, school’s in for the grownups. There are thousands of summer activities in NYC that can help lift New Yorkers’ lives out of the mundane and into the fascinating. These classes generally take no more than an evening or afternoon of one’s time, meaning that if you take one, you’ll be able to share your new found skills with friends and family almost instantly. “Yesterday I didn’t know how to knead dough, but today I’m making my own, fresh rigatoni by hand!” — that could be you! Check out below for some summer activities that could make you look like a pro

Make Your Own Perfume

“Botanical Perfumery Creating Your Own Fragrance”
$180 plus $55 materials fee
New York Open Center
July 31, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
22 East 30th Street, NY (between 5th and Madison)

Have you ever gone shopping for scents at places like Sephora and felt that your favorite perfume is almost perfect, but would be even better if it had lighter floral top notes or a more subtle musky undertone? If you’ve ever wished you could make your own signature scent, you have a chance to do so at the Botanical Perfumery Creating Your Own Fragrance at the New York Open Center. French-trained perfumer Eliza Douglas will walk you though the details of what makes a perfume a great perfume before helping you create your own signature blend. Show off your scent at your next get-together.

Drop Some Vintage (as in Wine) Knowledge

Summer Wine School
Wine and Food Pairing Party for Summer
August 25th, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Institute for Culinary Education (ICE)
225 Liberty Street, NY

Wine is like water in NYC; it’s everywhere. Any home-based cocktail hour worth its salt will have a couple of really good wines in the mix. New York City is filled to the rim with wine classes, so your only decision is to figure out which one to go to. If you’re looking for one that’s part party, part serious wine school, check out the Wine and Food Pairing Party at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE). Sommelier Richard Vayda rules the roost as he introduces guests to the best summer wines and the tasty food that goes with them. Vayda’s warm and friendly and down-to-earth spirit is extremely infectious, so enjoy an evening out, even if you’re traveling solo. Take the lessons learned from this class and impress your friends with the wine list at your end-of-summer soiree.

Sizzle in the Kitchen Like a Japanese Chef

Sushi by Simon
Basic Sushi
$110, $150, and $200
307 w.38th Street, 14th Floor, Suite 18, NY

Millions of New Yorkers love sushi. Going out for dinner with friends at top sushi spots like Masa and Kyo Ya is pretty impressive, but what would be even more impressive is surprising your friends with a few sushi creations of your own. Don’t know your hamachi from your kanpachi from your kampachi? No problem; New York City’s got sushi classes for days. For those making sushi for the first time, the $110 basic level class offered by Sushi by Simon is a great place to start. The $150 deluxe class is for more advanced students, while the special gourmet level class is $200. All classes provided students with a branded apron, two drinks, and a sushi mat. Don the apron the next time you host your very own in-house sushi party!


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