Expert Panel Reveals Hottest Trends in Smart Home...

Coldwell Banker sits down with the biggest names in home technology to explore the promise of the smartest home. Watch this video to find out how today’s cutting-edge technologies are becoming...

The Top Five Trends in Smart Home Innovation

Coldwell Banker hosted a CNET-moderated panel on smart home innovation yesterday at the REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles Conference. These are the top five trends that emerged from it.

A Smart Look at Home Innovation

Coldwell Banker is hosting a CNET-moderated panel at the REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles Conference today in Denver. The panel is titled “A Smart Look at Home Innovation” and will feature...

Smart Home Spotlight: The Connected Home

New technology is making the connected home more appealing and accessible for homeowners.

Smart Home Spotlight: Safety

Keep your home and family safer with these new connected and affordable home safety innovations

Smart Home Spotlight: Temperature

The Hottest & Coolest in Smart Home Temperature Technology.