Tasteful Fireplace Alternatives

Often having a home in a big city means trading elements of suburban living, such as a cozy fireplace, for the excitement of the city of lights. With these fireplace alternatives, those living in the city can enjoy some decor radiance.

Fireplace alternatives let those living in the center of busy cities have the added warmth and ambiance provided by a hearth. Often having a home in a city like New York City means trading elements of suburban living, such as a cozy fireplace, for the excitement of the city of lights. With these fireplace alternatives, those living in the city can enjoy some decor radiance.

Electric Fireplaces

Your only electric fireplace option is no longer that ugly one that would be placed in the living room to decorate for the winter holiday season. Lovely electric fireplaces are now energy efficient with their forced air heaters and thermostat heat controls, and they come in various styles. Unique designs in traditional, contemporary, and a wood burning stove look are perfect for the NYC dweller looking to add not only the look of warmth but actual warmth to their home. Obviously being electric means that these type of fireplaces must be placed near an outlet.

With a free-standing, electric unit that resembles a wood stove and provides real heat, one can find a place to show it off while also removing the need for an ugly space heater. You even utilize contemporary wall-hung units and eliminate the need to find floor space in a smaller abode. Simply hang the fireplace on a wall near an outlet as if you are hanging artwork. There are even models dressed up to appear as art in a traditional frame. These safe electric fireplaces also give the added option to have the glow of the fire without the heat, for occasions when you may want the warmth of a flame but do not need the higher room temperature.

Gel Fireplaces

Unlike the electric fireplaces that require an outlet to plug in, gel fireplaces showcase a flame simply by lighting a flame, much like you would with a wood burning fireplace. Gel fuel fireplaces are perfect for the Big Apple abode as they provide a real fire in locations, such as apartment buildings, offices, and rentals, that you would normally not have the option of a traditional fireplace. The gel fireplace provides a real flame that flickers and crackles just as a wood burning or gas fireplace will have. Although not as warm as the electric versions, these also provide a little actual warmth from their flame. What is great about the gel option is that these fireplaces can be extremely portable and versatile.

These lovely gel fireplaces are available in many shapes and sizes, including the traditional looking fireplace as well as tabletop versions for small spaces, and there are wall-hung, contemporary versions. There are even coffee tables designed with gel fireplaces built into the center. As these do not plug in, they can be small and very easy to move from room to room. Light up the living room for entertaining and then move it to the bedroom for a romantic decor touch. The gel alcohol fuel is environmentally safe and friendly, and optional scents can be added to provide ambiance. Just make sure you have enough gel cans to replace as needed to keep your flame glowing. For those with actual wood burning fireplaces, you can easily convert it to use gel fuel by placing gel-fueled logs inside to light up instead of wood.


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  1. Paul Lewandowski
    October 28, 2016

    I opt for electric fireplaces, as in my opinion they are safer. Fire is fire, bad things can happen when you’re not careful. Of course it looks better, because what can be more realistic than the fire itself.


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