Viva Las Vegas Holiday Cheer

Even if snow isn’t typically in the forecast, you can still bring a dusting of holiday cheer to your Valley abode. A mix of traditional and not-so-standard elements can transform your home into a desert-style Winter Wonderland.

Dreaming of a white Christmas in Vegas may be just that — a dream. But even if snow isn’t in the forecast, you can still bring a dusting of holiday cheer to your Valley abode. A mix of traditional and not-so-standard elements can transform your home into a desert-style winter wonderland.

Who Says You Need Snow?

Although “chestnuts roasting on the open fire” and “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” conjure idyllic, traditional images, it’s not that hard to grow accustomed to warm-weather holiday cheer. Many residents happily deck their homes in the typical array of lights, reindeer, and snowmen, although most seem to favor the more modern “icicle” style lights along roof lines and exterior trim. That way, you have all the fun of twinkling lights and Christmas cheer, without actually having to endure the shivering cold.

Nevertheless, a nod to the arid environs comes from the juxtaposition of holiday ornaments and lights wrapped around desert palms. Some folks like to carry that theme all the way through and opt for a “Christmas Palm,” rather than the more classic pine tree. When it comes to trimming the tree, whimsical tropical- and desert-themed ornaments put a Las Vegas twist on Christmas tradition. You can find decorations at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, either online or at the restaurant itself — head to its location at The Flamingo Hotel for a platter of famous Volcano Nachos and a margarita of your own.

For another twist on the traditional, try creating a citrus fruit wreath. Using a circular piece of florist’s foam and wooden florists’ picks, you can secure oranges, kumquats, clementines, and limes onto the foam to form a wreath. Secure the larger items first, then tie a thick velvet ribbon at the top for hanging. That way, you have a festive decoration that doesn’t ignore the warmth of the Las Vegas winter.

Holiday Cheer on the Strip and Beyond

If you want inspiration to get inspired for your home decorating, the Strip provides some eye-popping displays that help residents and tourists alike get into the holiday spirit.

Although all the hotel casinos roll out the decorations, one of the more noteworthy displays is at The Bellagio. The Conservatory in this casino honors every season throughout the year with a magnificent display of flowers, plants, and trees that form a walk-through attraction all its own. This year’s holiday display includes a family of 28 penguins, polar bears crafted from 16,000 white carnations, and four 15-foot-tall toy soldiers. The centerpiece is a 42-foot Shasta Fir with 7,000 lights and 1,800 ornaments. 

Venture off the Strip into Henderson for another Vegas tradition. The Ethel M. Chocolate Factory’s annual Cactus Garden holiday light display also attracts many visitors throughout the season. A standard tourist attraction year round, the garden is a unique way to view traditional holiday lights and decorations amid the not-so-traditional backdrop of cacti and other desert-dwelling plants. Five thousand lights wrap their way around this collection of cactus, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

You may not be able to bring that amount of holiday wattage to your own home, but these displays show how locals can celebrate this traditionally snowy holiday in their own way. Go out, get inspired, and bring your ideas to life in your house.

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