What’s to Love about Living in Philly

Why do you love Philly? The city has a lot to offer. From its fantastic parks system to its ever-evolving restaurant scene, there are plenty of things that make living in Philly great. Philadelphia isn’t just about sports fans and Rocky anymore.

People used to look at Philadelphia as the poor man’s version of New York or D.C. A 2005 article in the The New York Times ruffled feathers when it dubbed Philly the “sixth borough.” Thanks, but no thanks, went many Philadelphians. People living in Philly have a lot of pride in their city. If you take a look at the developments in the area in recent years, and some features that have been around for seemingly ever, it’s easy to see why so many people love living in Philly.

It Has Lots of Parks

Philly’s park system contains more than 9,000 acres. There is a park in pretty much every neighborhood in the city, giving residents a place to go and relax, run around, or have a picnic with their friends and neighbors. Plus, Philly is constantly coming up with ways to make its parks better or to give residents more of a reason to go visit their local park. In the summer of 2016, the city is launching a “Parks on Tap” program. A mobile beer garden will travel to 14 parks across the city, stopping at each park for a few days. Along with selling food and drink, the mobile beer garden will feature games and music at each stop.

It’s Not That Crowded

Although it might not seem like it when you’re standing in line waiting to get into the Trader Joe’s on a Saturday, Philly is actually not that crowded, especially when compared to other cities. Philly is growing, but it’s a slow growth. According to the most recent census data, the city is number seven in terms of population size in the region. That means you can still get a table at a popular restaurant without waiting too long, don’t have to spend an hour in line at the grocery store, and most importantly, won’t be packed in like a sardine when you take SEPTA.

It’s Still a Bit Strange

Philly is full of things that are just a bit strange or off-beat. If you look down at the street while going for a walk one day, you might see a collection of tiles with strange message in them. The Toynbee tiles have been a head scratcher since they first started appearing in the 1980s.

There are a number of other oddities throughout the city, from the medical specimens on display at the Mutter Museum to the many, many bugs on display at the Insectarium, the area’s only bug museum. Philly’s also home to the world’s first pizza museum, which also happens to have a pizza shop attached.

It’s Still Affordable

Perhaps most importantly for anyone looking to buy or rent a home in Philadelphia, Philly is still a pretty affordable city. According to Coldwell Banker’s 2015 Home Listing Report, the average cost of a home in the city is $252,102. However, it’s not just housing that’s pretty affordable in Philly. You can find a great deal on groceries and produce by visiting the Italian Market or by visiting a local farmer’s market (the one by the Fountain on Passyunk Avenue has particularly good prices). Head to a place such as Tattooed Mom, Boot & Saddle, or Fountain Porter for happy hour and you can enjoy a few drinks and a snack for less than $20, including tax and tip.

With so many things to offer, it can be difficult to put your finger on the one thing you love about living in Philly. What do you love about the city?


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