Which New York Borough? No, Which Neighborhood

The New York borough you choose to live in is important, but what’s even more important is the neighborhood within that borough that you choose to live in. NYC neighborhoods cater to different personality types. Figure out who you are before you look.

When it comes to choosing which New York borough to live in, newcomers to the city should understand that it’s usually less about the borough and more about the neighborhood when it comes to choosing a place to live. Every New York borough has areas that work for different types of people and personalities. In order to find out where you should land, figure out what you’re looking for first.

You’re the “Peace and Quiet After Work” Person

If you’re the type of person who likes to unwind at the end of the long workday with a glass of Merlot and your kindle, you’ll do well in neighborhoods that are less trafficked than others. Parts of the Upper East Side are very peaceful, especially the areas that are the farthest east and closer to the river or closest to Fifth Avenue along Central Park. Sometimes the noise level can vary from one street to the next, so pay close attention to things like schools and bars or clubs that could increase the noise factor.

You Like to Be in the Midst of All the Action

If you’re someone who likes to live in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, choose neighborhoods that cater to a younger or hip demographic. Neighborhoods like the East Village and Flatiron are perfect for people who don’t mind the action carrying on right outside their windows. Keep in mind, though, that “action” can mean different things. Action could mean thousands of tourists moving en masse, wall to wall in Times Square. That may be your thing, but you’d probably want to check out the area first to make sure. If your type of “action” is more along the lines of a hip, culturally vibrant area, Times Square is probably not for you.

You Need a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

If you have kids, or if you’re planning on having kids, you’ll probably want a neighborhood that caters to families. Park Slope, the Upper West Side, and Battery Park City have actually been referred to as New York City’s suburbs. In addition to having family-friendly residential buildings, these areas are also teeming with kids-related activities, making it easy for families to do much of their living in their own backyards. Keep in mind that certain buildings are more singles-oriented, while others are overloaded with kids, so make sure to check with your broker to see if you’re getting what you’re looking for. Friday night parties that start at 1 a.m. don’t work with a building full of newborns and toddlers. On the flip side, kids running through the lobby and the halls generally don’t put a smile on a single person’s face.


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