Work in the Financial District? Get Your Dream Commute

People who work in the Financial District crave convenience and neighborhood vibe when it comes to deciding where to live. If you’re thinking of working in the area, the following areas are great options, whether you’re single or married with kids.

If you work in the Financial District, it’s very likely that you spend your days at one of the high-powered financial companies that make up a huge part of the DNA of this world-famous downtown NYC neighborhood. But whether you work in finance or some other demanding Financial District profession, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to want to avoid wasting a lot of time on your commute. Chances are, you’ll want to move to a transit-friendly NYC neighborhood that’ll get you to and from the office quickly, so you can spend more time at home decompressing from the day (even if your definition of decompressing involves sitting on your couch, continuing to work on your laptop in your PJs). Here are some great options.

Battery Park City

If you love city living but have fond memories of your life growing up in the ‘burbs (and wish you could inject some of that charm into your kids’ lives), you’ll probably love Battery Park City (BPC). A planned community birthed in the ’80s in the southeasternmost part of the city, BPC is born of this city and yet at times feels remarkably separate. The area is perfect for single folks and marrieds-with-children alike, with restaurants, shops, and services catering to all denizens of this neighborhood. Suburban feel or not, apartment prices reflect the location. Walking to work in the Financial District is a cinch.


Oh, to have a time machine; at one time in the not-too-distant past, Tribeca was ripe for the taking. Now for many people, it’s simply a nice place to visit. If you’ve got the bucks, Tribeca is a no-brainer when it comes to finding a home convenient to the Financial District. There’s no need to even hop on a subway here, since you’ll be such a short walk from work. With some of the best schools in the city, easy transit options at your doorstep, and a trillion New York Times–worthy bars, restaurants, and boutiques, Tribeca is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the world, let alone NYC. The prices for the palatial lofts here are some of the steepest in the borough, so unless you luck into some of the area’s stabilized housing, you’ll pay the price for living here.

Lower East Side

If you work dowtown but don’t have the cash for some of the pricier neighborhoods, the Lower East Side offers a relatively affordable alternative. It’s a very bikeable area, making it easy to keep in shape as you wheel back and forth to work every day. The F train stop is at East Broadway, while the F, J, M, and Z go to Essex and Delancey. Second Avenue folks can take the F, and anyone near Grand can hop onto the B and the D. These trains are all a direct stop or a transfer stop away from the Financial District. A diligent apartment hunter can find one-bedrooms for around $2000. The active club and restaurant scene make it a popular choice for single folks, while its quieter streets make it a nice neighborhood alternative for families hoping to stay in the city.

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