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Slideshow: Homes for the Ides of March

As many as 60 conspirators were involved in the end of Caesar, but we wanted to see how many homes on alluded to the details of the Ides of March. Over 50 homes make reference to Caesar, but here are a few that really stand out:

March 15 / 2013

The Home of an Unlikely Baseball Immortal

At Colwell Banker Real Estate we like to say that every home has a story. And we believe that when selling a home, Coldwell Banker agents have a unique opportunity to share that story and allow potential buyers to emotionally bond with a home.

March 14 / 2013
Author David Siroty
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Unlock Your House with Your Fingerprint

Sick of fumbling with your keys in the dark? Worried about losing your house key? Not comfortable with giving out your key to house keepers or repairmen? Welcome to the world of Keyless & Biometric Locks!

Home of the Week: The Former Home of Music and Movie Royalty

What do Paul McCartney, Betty Grable and the Lion from the original Wizard of Oz have in common? Take a look at our “Home of the Week” to find out!

That Room in Your Home Nobody Is Allowed to Go In

You know exactly what room I’m talking about. Almost every single-family home owner has one. Growing up chances are you had one as well. It was the room reserved for “company.” I own a home today that has one. In fact, I’m sitting in that very room right now just out of principle.

March 13 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Christophe Choo Debuts on HGTV Selling LA Season 3

In December, we had the opportunity to interview Coldwell Banker agent, Christophe Choo, Christophe spoke with us about starring on the hit HGTV show Selling LA  which is back this year for a third season. Now it’s time to take a look at the first episode! Upgrading to a $12 million dollar estate may sound [...]

Inside the Home of Downton Abbey: Highclere Castle

Our friends over at Coldwell Banker Previews Inside Out got the chance to sit down with Lady Carnarvon and discuss the place she’s called home and get some insight into how true to life the stories in Downton Abbey are to what occurred in real life at Highclere Castle

March 12 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of March

Buzzer beaters, hints of spring and the loss of an hour of sleep all signal it’s the middle of March. While you wait for the buds to bloom and prepare for the upcoming college basketball madness, here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

Gonzaga and the Home to Cinderella

What a great time of the year! We are nearing Spring and the re-birth of so many things including baseball. But if you’re like me, this time of year is reserved for one thing only…March Madness! And we enter this special time with Gonzaga, a school of 4800, hidden away in Spokane, WA as the #1 team in college basketball. You might already know the story. Eighteen years ago, Gonzaga crashed the NCAA party and starting in 1999 began a string of 14 straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament. They were once a school everyone rooted for. Today, they are the hunted at the top of the heap.