lxtv openhouse The Hunt for a Home: City vs. Suburbs, Part 2This morning we saw Lauren and Allen embark on their hunt for a new home and try to determine whether they should stay in the cityscape of Chicago or venture out to the suburbs. They looked at a really nice duplex in the Lakeview area of Chicago that offered them a little more room than where they’re currently at and was even close to some great amenities that both they and their new child could enjoy.

So now it’s time for them to see what kind of bang for their buck they can get outside the city and even have some more room for their growing family. It feels to me like Lauren is leaning more towards the suburbs while Allen wants to stay in the city. I usually know how that situation ends up. 9 times out of 10 the wife gets what she wants. But will Lauren like what’s in store in the suburbs?

Take a look at Part 2 of The Hunt and see what Lauren and Allen ultimately decide to do.