2015 Holiday Gift Guide: For Pop Culture Fans

Not sure what gift to get the pop-culture enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered with these can’t miss ideas.

We all have that family member or friend. You know, the one who somehow manages to watch every critically acclaimed television show, big game and Oscar contending film while also listening to every podcast and new album from the next up and coming band. Shopping for these connoisseurs of all things pop culture can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered with some  simple gift ideas that will keep them entertained and in the know.

Crosley Cruiser – $99.95

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If your friend enjoys classics like Frank Sinatra and the Beatles as much as they like Kanye, Adele and Vampire Weekend, then the Crosley Cruiser might be a perfect gift for them. The warm and velvety sound of a vinyl record playing is an experience unto itself and very different than just throwing a song your iPhone. Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way, and not only are (ever popular) vintage shops selling all-time classic records, labels are starting to press vinyl versions of new albums as well! The portability, price and quality of the sound that this briefcase sized player gives off is magical. If you want to go with the full vintage look for a few more bucks, Crosley offers portable record players that look like they were plucked right off the set of Mad Men. Take a look at the Dansette Junior Portable Record Player

Netflix – From $7.99 per monthAmazon Prime – $99 per year  /  HBO Now – $14.99 per month


If you read most critics online, they’re saying we’re in the throws of a new “golden age” of television. Only thing is that most of the really ground-breaking “stuff” isn’t really on traditional TV anymore. They’re available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. And thanks to the visionaries at HBO, you can enjoy their expansive library of current hits like Game of Thrones and past classics like the Sopranos even if you’ve “cut the cord”. I couldn’t think of a better gift for the film and tv buff in your life. Netflix and Amazon have a deep library of great movies you’ve seen and a lot that you’ve never heard of but are definitely worth checking out. Before you know it, your loved one will be waxing poetic about the influence of French New Wave filmmaking on the current crop of Argentinean directors. Add in the movies and “shows” being produced directly by Netflix and Amazon, like Master of None, Catastrophe and House of Cards – and you can’t really go wrong.

iPad Magazine Subscriptions: GQ Magazine – $20 for 12 Issues / Esquire – $6 for 6 Issues / Rolling Stone – $19.99 for 1 Year



Print may just about be dead, but pop culture centric magazines like Rolling Stone, GQ and Esquire are thriving on the iPad. Each issue of these hip magazines are tailor made for the iPad with interactive features and videos embedded within its “pages”. Not only will your pop culture enthusiast appreciate the unique experience and in-depth interviews of their favorite artists, they’ll also get a heads up on all the latest grooming and fashion trends.

Streaming Music Subscription: Spotify – $9.99 per month / Apple Music – $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for a family

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According to Cnet, there are about 11 music streaming services that give you access to basically every song and album ever released. Our favorites are Spotify and Apple Music, and both can be had for about $10 dollars a month. If the perpetually in-the-know person in your life doesn’t have a subscription to one of these services and are still buying music the old fashioned way (oh the horror!), then this is a must have for them. Spotify streams music ad-free and allows you to play music even when you don’t have service. The newly launched Apple Music platform has an added bonus of giving you personal recommendations from people who know and love music, which “deepens the connection. between artists and fans”.

Star Wars Toaster – $49.99 



The good folks over at Pangea Brands have combined two of my favorite things into one can’t miss product: Star Wars and bread. No doubt your special person has been been geeking out over the epic Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers for weeks, so what better way to say I love you than with this amazing Vader toaster that also imprints toast with the Star Wars logo? The movie comes out a week after the film hits theaters, but when they go to see it for the third time on Christmas, I suggest they come equipped with their Star Wars toast to take their fandom up to a whole new delicious level.

Buy them a movie!

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with buying them one of their favorite movies on Amazon so they can always stream it and ditch their clunky DVD player. Here’s a list of some classic films/shows that had important anniversaries this year.

Home Alone – 25 Years / Raging Bull – 35 Years / The Honeymooners – 60 Years / The Sound of Music – 50 Years / Jaws – 40 Years / The Breakfast Club – 30 Years / Back to the Future – 30 Years / Seinfeld – 25 Years / Home Alone – 25 Years / Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – 25 Years / Toy Story – 20 Years /


We hope you have great holiday, and happy hunting!



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