6 Amazing Ways to Use Tile at Home

These various types of tiling will help you spruce up & enhance the look of your home!

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Many people think of tile as a useful and decorative material to use in bathrooms or as kitchen backsplashes. But you can use tile in so many additional ways. Here are some quick ideas to help you enhance the look of your home using various types of tile.

#1 Wall Tiles

The beauty of tiled walls can transform the look of any room. Although you might be accustomed to seeing tile in bathrooms and kitchens, you can also add sections of wall tiling to other rooms in your home. Tile in your laundry room, foyer or den will make a bold decorative statement. Tile is also easy to clean and maintain. Consider installing a wall of high-end glass tiles in your living room or dining room to achieve a visually stunning space.


#2 Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling tiles have long been used for decorative purposes in homes and buildings. You can outfit a room of your house with retro- or vintage-inspired tiles to create a decoratively pleasing space. You can choose from tin ceiling tiles, vinyl ceiling tiles and even ceramic ceiling tiles. Consider installing contrasting ceiling and wall tiles to create a unique décor plan.

#3 Tile Fireplace
You can give your fireplace a brand new look by adding tiling. Add a contemporary touch to your living room or den with a brightly tiled fireplace. You can choose patterned tiles or tiles that boast a versatile shade. The easy-to-clean nature of tile means you can keep your fireplace looking fresh all year long.

Clear Glass stones in the modern gas fireplace. Dancing flames,black metal fireplace with Wallpaper surround.
#4 Floor Tiles
If you’re looking for durable flooring that brims with eye-catching appeal, tile is a first-rate option. You can tile part of a floor so that it blends nicely with other flooring materials like bamboo or hardwood. You can also rim your floor with a tile border to create an enclosed look for your space. Of course, tile’s moisture resistance makes it an ideal flooring solution for bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.

#5 Mosaic Tiling
Mosaic tiling is an ancient decorative practice that is still popular today. You can add a mosaic to many features of your home. Consider adding mosaic tiling around your bathtub to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. You can add a mosaic to the floors near your home’s entryways, as a kitchen backsplash or even your bed’s headboard.


#6 Patio Ideas
Even if your patio is designed with brick or concrete, you can enhance its looks by adding an elegant tiled feature like a small basin or tiled pool. You can also pave pockets of your patio with tiling to create a more pleasing look for your outdoor living space. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can cover your prepping and cooking stations with tile as well.

Tile is a truly versatile material that brims with decorative appeal. Carefully assess your home to decide where you can makeover a space with tile. Most home improvement centers or online stores will have a wide variety of tiling to choose from.

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