7 Awesome Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for your July 4th Cookout

Looking for ideas that can outshine the fireworks? You’ll love these ideas from Hometalk!

Ok, so you’re planning on hanging up that huge American flag like you do every year, but what other decorations have you got lined up for this 4th of July?  Here are 7 awesome DIY July 4th decorations that will absolutely ‘wow’ your guests and turn your cookout into a patriotic presentation of red, white, and blue like they’ve never seen before! It’s time to show your true colors and get a little crafty.

1. Paint the Lawn with Giant Stars

Image: Jeannine/The Concrete Cottage

Turn your lawn into a huge green canvas, by covering it with giant painted stars in red, white, and blue. Your neighbors and guests will be totally floored when they see this proud and design, and as long as you use temporary marking spray paint, your grass will be green again in no time. (Here’s how)

2. Decorate Plasticware with Patriotic Washi Tape 

Image: Nikki/Tikkido

Plasticware is great for big parties, or if you don’t want to spend the night washing dishes, but sometimes it’s just not celebratory enough. Solve that issue easily and on a budget, by covering plasticware handles in star spangled and blue-striped washi tape! (Here’s how to do it)

3. Upcycle Glass Bottles into Summer Decorations

Image: Dusty/All Things G&D

Turn empty glass bottles into stunning party decor, with a little paint and a lot of patriotic spirit! Make sure to get a couple bunches of red, white, and blue flowers (irises count!) to fill these pretty centerpieces, and then line your table with them, for an easy and awesome July 4th look. (Get directions here)

4. Create Your Own Decorative Firecrackers

Image: Leslie/Gwen Moss Blog

Using paper towel rolls and tissue paper, create firecrackers filled with treats that double as fun placecards for your formal cookout. This is one way to start the party off with a bang, and get everyone (especially the kids) super excited for the night’s festivities. (Directions here)

5. Turn Mason Jars into Star Spangled Luminaires


Image: Myra/My Blessed Life

Create some rustic American charm, by wrapping mason jars in twine and patriotic colored ribbons and trims, and setting a tea light in each. Perfect for dressing up your tablescape and adding some intimate lighting to your outdoor event, this little DIY is easy and oh, so charming! (Learn to make them here)

6. Make Quick Patriotic Placemats

Image: Chelsea/Making Home Base

Cut these sweet personalized placemats out of simple drop cloth, to get the perfect canvas for some red, white, and blue starry-eyed love. These patriotic placemats take just 20 minutes to create, and they’re the perfect detail for your cookout table. When the food is finished, you can roll them up and save them for next year! (Tutorial here)

7. Line Your Walkway with Colorful Lights

Image: Heidi/Honeybear Lane

Carefully poke holes through empty cans to create themed messages, letters, and pictures, and turn them into luminaries to light the way for guests. This simple design idea looks truly warm-weather whimsical and makes your cookout feel like a 4th of July parade! (Here’s how to do it)

Looking for more great ideas and inspirations for the 4th? Check Hometalk’s patriotic page for tons more 4th of July ideas and how-to’s! Happy July 4th!




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