7 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining in Miami Beach

A few tips that will help make your outdoor event a success on every possible level.

Entertaining outdoors in Miami Beach during the summertime can be very tricky, especially if you’re not adequately prepared to host a comfortable, easy-going affair. Below are a few tips that will help make your outdoor event a success on every possible level:

Tip #1: Plan for Weather Adversity – The single most important factor that all of your guests will be concerned about is the weather, so make sure you’re prepared to mitigate the unpredictable circumstances that may arise. First, there’s the chance of rain, which here in Miami is not so sporadic, and second is the intense heat. Luckily, you can manage both issues with similar solutions. If you don’t have a covered patio that provides both dryness and shade, it may be a good idea to set up umbrellas, or better yet, a tent in the backyard. Worst case scenario, come up with a ‘Plan B’ to move the party indoors and be sure to think ahead of what you will be serving, as grilling may no longer be an option.

Tip #2: Keep The Bugs Out – While entertaining outdoors can be very enjoyable, it could quickly go south if your yard is also entertaining mosquitos. It’s very unpleasant to get bit by bugs and now it’s even a health hazard due to the Zika virus. Make sure your guests are safe and relaxed by lighting citronella candles and torches, providing them with bug spray (there are plenty of natural alternatives made with essential oils) and run a fan to keep the mosquitos out of the party while cooling your guests down. Also, avoid being outdoors at dusk which is the time of day with the highest prevalence of mosquitos.

Tip #3: Let There Be Light – A practical and aesthetic tip that can make a huge difference in any outdoor event is having adequate lighting. If your event is at nighttime, you can really outdo yourself by having beautiful lighting around your yard. I recommend hurricane lanterns that are wind resistant, candles scattered on tables, globe string lights or paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, posts, or tree branches and torches planted in the grass. Opt for light from either candles or warm light bulbs to provide an enchanting, cheerful ambiance.

Tip #4: Stock a Bar Cart – As a host, you want to make things as effortless as possible for your guests. A great way to go about this is to set up a bar outside where your guests can help themselves to refreshments at their leisure. On a bar cart, place a container with a homemade craft cocktail, a few bottles of wine, champagne, or beer that should be chilled if needed, a couple clean glasses, a bucket of ice, napkins and some water or fresh lemonade to keep your guests hydrated. If you plan on having children, add some fresh juice in a separate container to the cart as well.

Tip #5: Set Up Different Tables – In order to avoid long lines from forming or general clutter, it’s a good idea to place certain things on different tables spread out throughout your yard. Having drinks, finger foods, main courses, and desserts on various tables encourages guests to roam freely and eat and drink as they please. Just don’t forget to be on the lookout and refill what gets consumed rather quickly as you don’t want to leave anyone feeling hungry or tables looking empty. Be mindful of hot food getting cold and raw food getting hot by having a proper plan of action such as utilizing food warmers and ice.

Tip #6: Comfortable Chair Cushions – This tip is for all of you that like to linger at the table after finishing a meal. Nothing will make your guests more inclined to leave the conversation than an uncomfortable seat, so be wise and choose comfy cushions. Being that your party is outdoors, be sure to buy appropriate furniture, cushions and pillows or remember to bring them indoors once the festivities have ended.

Tip #7: Supply Some Fun and Games – Last, and certainly not least, your event should be fun for everyone invited! This simple, yet far-to-often-complicated task, can be as easy as playing the right music for your audience and offering some games for people of all ages.Make a playlist in advance or use an app that makes one for you, so that you too have sit back, relax and enjoy the tunes. Popular games include horseshoe, croquet and the newest addition– Kan Jam, a game where you try to throw a Frisbee into a large can. Even adults will have a great time playing games at your party!

Thank you for reading and I hope these tips will come in handy at your next outdoor event at home! If you are ever in South Florida – be sure to contact me (Jill Hertzberg) of The Jills for your real estate buying and selling needs.

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Jill Hertzberg has lived in Miami Beach her entire life and is co-founder of The Jills®, Coldwell Banker’s #1 sales team worldwide and #1 team in Florida. An avid golfer, biker and runner, she goes the extra mile for her clients. Together, The Jills have sold over $3.17 billion in real estate since 2005. Jill also supports numerous organizations such as Camillus House, Jackson Memorial Foundation, United Way of Miami-Dade, Diabetes Research Institute, and Seeds of Peace.

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