A Perfect Philadelphia Day

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a perfect Philadelphia day, but all agree that Philly has so much to offer, for so many different interests! History buffs, foodies, sports fans, comedy lovers, and wannabe musicians: your perfect day awaits!

What makes a perfect Philadelphia day? With the backdrop of a temperate climate (read lots of sunshine and gentle breezes, only moderate rain/snow), Philadelphians head out all the time to explore their wonderful city. Whatever their interests, a perfect Philadelphia day is always right around the corner!

Philly Loves History!

After all, America began here! You don’t need to venture far to find landmarks celebrating our 240 years as a nation. Of course, the cluster of sights downtown near Independence Historical Park are a logical starting point, but Philly offers so much more to the history buff! Germantown is a treasure trove of stately historic homes, many of which boast tours, special events, and more. Check out the “Kitchen Conversations” series at beautiful Cliveden, or stately Wyck, home of the annual Philadelphia Honey Festival! How’s that for a perfect Philadelphia day?

Philly Loves Food!

The City of Brotherly Love sure loves to eat! For hungry folks, there are of course the classic Philadelphia foods: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, scrapple, etc. But this is a true foodie’s paradise, with so much more to offer! From the oldest dining spot (McGillin’s Old Ale House, established in 1860), to the newest (15 openings in the past few months), this is a real restaurant mecca, guaranteed to fuel your perfect Philadelphia day!

Philly Loves Sports!

The sporty types are in heaven in Philadelphia! Every season has its stellar team: old reliables Phillies baseball, Sixers basketball, Eagles football, and newcomers like Philadelphia Union soccer as well. Be aware, though: Philly fans get, shall we say, emotionally involved with their teams, so be prepared to do a LOT of cheering — and you’ll feel like cheering throughout your perfect Philadelphia day in sports!

Philly Loves to Laugh!

In recent years, Philadelphia comedy clubs have multiplied, and it’s now one of the very best places to catch a rising star in the country. Comedysportz is an hilarious, fast-paced audience participation experience, with the plus of an early (7:30 p.m.) show that is guaranteed to be G rated! Newer on the scene is Helium, where headliners include Louis C.K., D.L. Hughley, and Gary Gulman. If you want to take the mic yourself and tell a five minute true story, there’s nothing quite like First Person Arts’ monthly StorySlams, where average people share their tales and compete for a cash prize.

Philly Loves Music!

Philadelphia’s classical, jazz, and R&B scenes are well known (who doesn’t love the Philadelphia Orchestra?), but not everyone knows there are several great places that will teach you to make music yourself! The venerable Settlement Music School offers lessons for all ages, at six Philly locations. In South Philadelphia, the super South Philadelphia School for the Arts lets you sing, drum, and jam to your heart’s content. This musical day hits a high note for sure!

Philly Loves You!

So what are you waiting for? Move here, and EVERY day will be a perfect Philadelphia day!


Elise Seyfried is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the author of two books of humorous spiritual essays, and a playwright (co-author of 15 plays for children). Her work regularly appears in the Chestnut Hill (PA) Local and The Word in Season (devotional). She has also written for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Lutheran Digest, Guideposts magazine, Metropolis and The Wittenburg Door. Elise was the lyricist for the Stanley Drama Award-winning musical Flight, based on the life of Howard Hughes. Elise has served as publicist for the Lewes (DE) Chamber Music Festival, as well as the Atlantic Music Festival in Waterville, ME.She is the mother of five children, and her family life is prominently featured in her writing. Elise's topics to date have included children/parenting issues, humor and spirituality. An avid cook, Elise also enjoys writing about food and dining. Since 2002, Elise has been Director of Spiritual Formation at Christ's Lutheran Church in Oreland, PA; previously, she worked for years as an actress. She blogs at www.eliseseyfried.blogspot.com.

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    January 27, 2017

    Philadelphia is a very well diverse city, in my opinion. Has something to offer for virtually everyone.


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