The Secret to Saving a Fortune on Rugs for Your Home

Our Friends at Home Depot Have Uncovered a Rug Revolution!

There’s been a quiet revolution going on in rugs that you’re going to love. Gone are the days when you had to spend half your savings on a rug for your living room. Today, you can outfit your entire home for just a few hundred dollars. The secret? Outdoor rugs. (Yes, really)

Versatile, durable and water- and stain-resistant, outdoor rugs are no longer just for your porch or patio. The technologies behind the synthetic fibers have advanced so far that the hard scratchy materials you probably think of when you hear the words “outdoor rug” are gone. Instead, they’re replaced by a soft, wool-like substitute. Now, you can pick up a hand-hooked rug made with polypropylene for between $40 and $300 (depending on size) and happily place it anywhere in your home.

While heirloom quality, all-natural wool rugs still have their place, outdoor rugs are just so much more practical for modern living. Their low price point means it’s easy and inexpensive to change up your home’s look in an instant. The versatile fibers repel stains, deflect water and liquids and are mold and mildew resistant. You can spot clean in an instant—meaning no more costly dry cleaning bills—and even take your rug outside and hose it off if you need to. So cast off your rug fears and stock up on some colorful creative rugs for every room in your home.

The Kitchen

You may have never entertained the idea of a stylish rug in the kitchen for fear of all the spills and stains it would attract. Pick up a colorful, statement-making outdoor rug to give your kitchen a pop of color and rest easy knowing you can easily rinse off the carrot puree that finds its way on the floor following your baby’s breakfast or the milk and cookie crumbles that inevitably fall from your children’s mouths during those after school snacks.

The Dining Room

Love to entertain but hate hovering around your guests worried that glass of cabernet will ruin your plush new rug? Embrace light-colored floor coverings in your dining area safe in the knowledge that you can actually throw it in the washing machine, like the machine-washable shag outdoor rug shown above.

The Lounge or Den

Similarly, an outdoor rug is perfect for families with pets and children. Pick up an oversized one for the family room and let Rover roam free and your little tykes play with Playdoh and paint without the fear of astronomical cleaning bills.

The Mudroom or Entryway

In the same vein, an outdoor runner should be a staple in your entryway. When the kids come home from school or the puppy comes back from his walk, you needn’t fear the mud stains and debris they bring in; simply brush it off and hose it down once a week. Feel free to enjoy the style and fun a modern pattern brings to your home—without the headaches.

The Bathroom

A rug in the bathroom? Yes! Ditch the bath mats and have a gorgeous, vibrant print take over the space. The water resistance of outdoor rugs makes them safe for the humid environment of a bathroom as they won’t develop mold or mildew. Go with something bright and nautical-themed for the perfect parlor room touch-up.

There’s no limit to where you can use an outdoor rug in your home, so ahead and embrace the rug revolution!

Mother of two and award-winning journalist Jennifer Tuohy is well versed in using outdoor rugs to add pizzazz to a room’s design, as she is currently renovating her dream home in Charleston, South Carolina. Jennifer writes about home decor projects for The Home Depot. To research a wide-ranging selection of outdoor rugs that can be used indoors, you can visit Home Depot online.


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Lindsay lives in Livingston, NJ with her college sweetheart and now husband Joe and rwelcomed another Joe into her life as she became a mom in June 2016.

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