Add Warm Industrial Style to Your Philly Home Decor

The warm industrial style is all the rage these days, and can be found in coffee shops as well as in homes. If you want to bring a bit of the style to your home in Philadelphia, you can, without spending a fortune or moving to a converted warehouse loft.

Whether it’s rustic wood tables and benches, Edison light bulbs, or concrete furnishing, the warm industrial style seems to be taking over homes in Philadelphia. Whether you want to give your entire home a warm industrial makeover or plan on focusing on just one room, such as your office or dining room, there are ways to add a few warm industrial touches without breaking the bank.

Lighten Up

When people think of the warm industrial style, the feature that often comes to mind first is old-style Edison bulbs, with their exposed filaments and over-sized glass bulbs. Edison bulbs became popular because of the warm light they provide and because they seem to be a throw back to a more authentic time, long before people had to deal with the harsh lighting created by CFL or LED bulbs.

If you want to add a subtle hint of the warm industrial style to your home, trade in an overhead lamp, such as the one over your dining table or in the kitchen, for a few dangling Edison bulb light fixtures. Another option is to place a wooden lamp with an exposed Edison bulb on a side table or buffet table.

Combine Hard and Soft

Another key component of the warm industrial look is the blending of hard and soft materials. For every concrete side table in a warm industrial home, you’ll find a soft, flannel blanket or a pillow made from re-purposed wool.

Go ahead and choose a sturdy, concrete or solid wood coffee table for the center point of your living room. Soften up the look and add warmth with a warm blanket and a few well-placed Edison bulbs. Put a large wood table in your dining room (if space allows). Use fabric-covered dining chairs and a long, wooden bench to add some softness to an otherwise hard and uninviting look.

Choose Neutral Colors

You won’t find bright blues, reds, or greens in a warm industrial look. The style depends on neutrals. Think the deep gray of concrete, the tan or brown of natural wood, and the gray-white hue of plaster. One way to instantly make your home more “warm industrial” is to change the color scheme. Paint the walls a muted ivory or gray. Another option is to add a touch of black, whether it’s a black side table, picture frames, or steel-framed chairs.

Where to Get the Look

Where can you go in Philly to get pieces to give your home a warm industrial style? Pretty much anywhere, as you’re able to find Edison style bulbs at stores ranging from the Home Depot to West Elm. If you’re looking for actual vintage, restored pieces, it can be worth checking out the Mid-Century Furniture Warehouse, which has open-to-the-public sales twice per month, on Sundays.

Vintage stores throughout the city, such as Jinxed, also sell furniture and accessories that can help you get the look. If you’re particularly handy, you can always take the DIY approach. Turn a sawhorse into a clothing rack, for example, or sew up a pillow or wall hanging using vintage or reclaimed fabric.

Whether you live in a converted warehouse or factory apartment, an older rowhome or new construction, decorating with the warm industrial style helps you add an inviting, authentic touch to your Philly home.


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  1. Philadelphia Masonry & Concrete
    January 27, 2017

    Philly sure does have some nice concrete & masonry styling 🙂 Very industrial looking, yet very comfortable!

  2. Philadelphia Concrete Contractors
    January 27, 2017

    This styling combined with exposed brick = awesome 😉

  3. Ray F
    October 31, 2017

    Very informative & authoritative..


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