Best of the Acadiana Home and Design Show 2017

The Acadian Home Builders Association exclusively showcased the 2017 Acadiana Home and Design Show at the Cajundome Convention Center. The show featured the latest and most exciting products and services for every aspect of your home.

I attended the 2017 Acadiana Home and Design Show at the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette, LA, on March 4 to meet and mingle with various local vendors. While forming relationships with each business, I was able to learn about the latest and most exciting products and services that they offer. I’m excited to share these latest trends that can improve homes for better showings, which can ultimately result in quicker sales.

Seminar Schedule

During the show, I also attended two live seminars–Decorating 101 and Paint Projects: Chalk Paint and Cabinet Rehab. Both classes gave me great insight into the trends that are shaping homes in 2017. Check out what I learned in each class below.

Decorating 101

The Decorating 101 workshop was presented by Nick Milton of Dunn’s Furniture & Interiors. Nick began his demonstration by sharing some fun and easy design tips with the audience. Here are some takeaways that I thought were most valuable and that should be considered when staging a home for showings, open houses, and agent caravans:

  • Use mirrors throughout your home to create an illusion of a larger space.
  • Add greenery for an organic feel throughout the home.
  • Select throw pillows that have texture or a unique material.
  • Use area rugs that contrast with the color of the floor.

Decorating 101

My own home lacks greenery simply because I seem to kill any plant that graces my presence. Nick suggested that if you don’t have a green thumb, that you may consider purchasing faux plants instead, since they don’t require any maintenance. He then pushed forward by discussing what designers are embracing in 2017.

  • Natural stones, specifically Geo stones: These can be used on top of stacked books or as book ends.
  • Vibrant shades of green — particularly jade and forest green.
  • Eclectic botanical plants such as banana leafs and orchids.

I specifically love adding natural elements such as antlers and cow hides into my own home design, so it was not surprising to hear that these organic details are dominating decor this year.

Nick finished his presentation by sharing which items consumers should splurge on versus those that are more fun and frivolous. He explained that by spending more money on items that set the stage of the room, such as wall colors and a neutral furniture palette, we can extend the lifespan of the space. I often share this same advice since other items such as throw pillows, rugs, and accessories are less expensive and can be easily switched out to change the entire look of the room as each season passes.

Dunn’s Furniture and Interiors is known for their personalized service and has the skills to transform any home or office into an even more special place. Their showroom offers 7,500 square feet of furniture, lamps, and rugs — and is also the only store in the area that carries Joanna Gaines’ new rug collection.

Dunn's Furniture and Interiors

Paint Projects: Chalk Paint and Cabinet Rehab

The original presenter for this seminar was unable to demonstrate, so please check out this video for the full presentation. In the video, Monica from Doug Ashy Building Materials provides tips and three different techniques to give your existing cabinets a fresh, high-end designer look. Refinishing outdated cabinets is definitely an easy and inexpensive project to turn your home from blah to wow. As I continue to preview homes, I am noticing more and more white- and gray-toned cabinets in homes today. The lighter colors definitely help brighten the area, and it’s also very popular to add richness to a space by mixing up colors on top and bottom cabinets.

Doug Ashy Building Materials

Doug Ashy Building Materials has been servicing Acadiana since 1960. They ensure quality service and continue to be the premier building supplier in the area. A tradition of excellence that started with one delivery truck and four employees carries forward and will continue to carry forward for many years to come.


Thanks to the Acadian Home Builders Association for featuring a fantastic show and for sharing a wonderful collection of products and services from local experts this year. Please keep the Acadiana Home and Design Show in mind for next year if you are looking to connect with hundreds of home improvement experts that are ready to help with your next home project!


Celina Michel is a local lifestyle blogger in Lafayette, LA. Her blog focuses on home decorating and healthy living while also following her life with her husband Brett. She has been blogging since 2013.

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