CES 2017: Top 5 Smart Home Products

Bet you never even knew these smart home tech products existed – we didn’t, until we discovered them at CES!

I just returned home from my third year at the Consumer Electronics Show with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, the official sponsors of the Smart Home Marketplace. As usual, in reaction to CES, all I have to say is whoa (which, not surprisingly, was the theme of this year’s show).

As I walked the show floor looking to discover the hottest new items in smart home tech, I came across five that just couldn’t go unmentioned. From a robot that sorts and folds your laundry for you (YES PLZ) to a pillow that can help stop snoring, these incredible, interesting, and sometimes even downright wacky tech items will definitely make you say “whoa.”

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Alexandra is the Manager of Social Media & Content for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC. She lives in Hoboken, NJ and loves taking advantage of the many local perks (read: dogs EVERYWHERE) and proximity to Manhattan. Her idea of relaxing is perusing the aisles of Sephora and proofreading copy. No, really.

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