Creating a NYC Home Office in Your Big Apple Abode

Designing a space for your NYC home office can be a challenge when living in this city. Challenges abound when you have a small space or small rooms, and where to place your office furniture? Here are some pointers to get you started.

Designing a space for your NYC home office can be a challenge when living in this city. Challenges abound when you have a small space or small rooms, and where to place your office furniture? It is important to think outside of the box sometimes and get creative with unique decor and furnishings in order to create a comfortable place to live and work in. The Big Apple is all about having the resources available to get a styled NYC home office to fit your decor.

Expand Square Footage

Many NYC apartments are blessed with higher than average ceilings. With space at a premium it is important to use every square foot of your space, even if it means that open space towards the ceiling. Loft beds are not just for kids anymore. Consider raising your queen-size bed with a built-in staircase so that it sits off the floor at six feet or higher. You will now have an entire additional room underneath to use for your home office.

Use the five-foot by about seven-foot area under the bed as your new office space. Fit a desk and a small file cabinet with your printer in this comfy nook. This is the perfect space for a compact L-shaped desk that will combine storage with plenty of work surface. Astoria NY Furniture located on Ditmars Boulevard in Queens has the perfect-sized desk and more office furnishings to choose from that are ideal for a NYC home office.

Bedroom Daytime Office

The bedroom can be more than for just sleeping and relaxing. The room usually reserved for nighttime living can become a daytime asset for those seeking to make an office space for their New York City home. A lovely desk can double as a night table. Your desk lamp will have dual purpose as a work lamp during the day and at night as a reading light when snuggled in bed.

A lovely bookcase can serve double duty as well with bins on the lower shelves to be used for clothing storage and upper shelves can be used for books and office storage. Hide your wireless printer away in the closet or behind door storage. The Fulton Stores with two locations, one in Brooklyn and one in Queens, has an amazing selection of bookcase styles as well as desks, seating, filing, and storage.

In Plain Sight

Perhaps you have no other space to utilize for a home office but in the middle of your NYC home living area. If room is a problem, a desk can be a small cantilevered top, just large enough for your laptop, in a corner of an entry, kitchen, or living room. When not in use, this space can become a decorative area or work table. Meld your office space within your decor. An attractive desk can double as a sofa or console table.

Beautiful laptop desks are designed to look like a small drawer cabinet with a sliding out shelf to place the laptop on. These are perfect for a small wall or next to a sofa. When not in use, simply push in the sliding, desk-height shelf. Use a decorative chair that can double as desk chair and living room seating. Drawers can be used for files. Hide your wireless printer away in a closet or bedroom. Jensen-Lewis, with a location in Chelsea and one on the Upper East Side, has lovely furnishings that are perfect for a home office placed in plain sight.


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