Where to Go Skiing Near Philadelphia

If you can’t get enough of skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports, there are plenty of mountains to check out, all within a few hours’ drive of Center City, Philadelphia. These ski resorts offer beginner-friendly hills and steep mountainsides.

Winter fun means sledding, skiing, and snowboarding for many people. If you love to ski or snowboard, you don’t have to travel far outside of Philadelphia to find a place to hit the slopes. There are quite a few places to go skiing near Philadelphia, in the nearby Pocono Mountains, or in some cases, even closer to home. Whether you’re a beginning ski bunny or ready to try your hand on some double black diamond trails, head to one of the many places to go skiing near Philadelphia.

Spring Mountain

Located about 35 miles outside of Philly, in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, Spring Mountain can be an ideal spot for skiing or snowboarding if you’re just beginning to learn. Sometimes lovingly called “Spring Hill,” the ski slope at Spring Mountain isn’t particularly steep or challenging. The mountain has eight trails for snowboarding and skiing. For those who aren’t particularly interested in either skiing or snowboarding, but who still want to enjoy some winter fun, it has two tubing runs. The resort offers skiing and snowboarding lessons for both adults and kids as well.

Blue Mountain

If you’re looking for a ski adventure that’s a bit more challenging, but still within about an hour’s drive from the city, head to Blue Mountain. Located 75 miles away from Philadelphia, Blue Mountain is home to the tallest slope in the state. It’s got enough trails to keep both beginners and more advanced skiers happy. For example, it has two 3,000 foot double black diamond trails, as well plenty of beginner-level trails and terrain. The resort offers daily group lessons for adults and kids as well as multi-week ski or snowboard workshops to help you better hone your skills.

Jack Frost/Big Boulder

Jack Frost and Big Boulder are sister mountains located about 100 miles outside of Philly. Big Boulder has the privilege of being the oldest commercial ski resort in the state and was home to one of the first snow making machines. Combined, Jack Frost and Big Boulder have 35 trails for all levels, as well as tubing areas.

Which one should you choose? Big Boulder is open mainly in the evening, so it’s a better option if you want to ski or board at night. Jack Frost is open in the daytime only, and usually closes around 4 p.m. You can start your day at Jack Frost, then head over to Big Boulder, since your lift ticket is valid at both resorts for the day.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is also about 100 miles outside of Philadelphia. The resort has 34 trails, ranging from beginner to expert, and offers lessons and workshops for adults and kids. It’s also got one of the largest snowtubing areas in the state, with some of the steepest vertical drops. A new feature for the 2016–2017 season is Galactic Snowtubing, which combines tubing after dark with an LED light show.

If you’re not into skiing or tubing, Camelback Mountain has a number of other winter activities that will help you enjoy a trip to the mountain. The Appalachian Coaster Express is essentially a roller coaster that takes you through the woods and terrain of the mountain, with no real experience or skill needed to ride it.

This winter, take a trip out of Philadelphia and spend a day or weekend getting to know the mountain region just outside the city.


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