Design Trends in Custom Wall Murals and Faux Finishes

Custom wall murals and faux finishes continue to be popular design choices in the Temecula Valley. Local artists see them as an opportunity for homeowners to express their personality by creating enduring artwork.

One of the most enduring Temecula Valley design tools is the creative use of faux finishes and custom wall murals, and according to local experts, these creative and beautiful features remain popular.

What are the Trends?

Karen Perryman of Karen Perryman Artistic Painting notes, “As they say, ‘If you hold on to something long enough, it will come back into style.’ I’m noticing a lot of 50s, 60s, and 70s style, with retro colors and repeating patterns and large, bold graphics.” Perryman points out that in the Temecula Valley, Tuscan-style vineyard scenes remain popular choices as well.

Temecula Valley homeowners commissioning custom wall murals often choose a front entry, wide hallway, or dining room. Local artisans also note that faux finishes and other unique design features offer a solution for niches, insets, and other difficult to decorate spots. Perryman says ceilings are also popular.

Lisa Bryant of Lisa Bryant Faux Finishes says, “Adding a faux finish with texture, color glazing, Venetian plaster, and wall murals are all interesting and soothing to the eye.”

The Faux Finish Secret

Faux finish techniques can be a designer’s “secret weapon” to add uniqueness and beauty to an ordinary home. Perryman says, “Faux finish can add the appearance of high-end quality to otherwise inexpensive detail elements to a home. Standard white baseboards, crown mounding, stair rails, and cabinetry can be faux finished to look like exotic woods. Fireplace mantels, white columns, and other millwork can be faux painted to resemble stone or marble. If done professionally, these paint treatments can be so convincing that no one will ever know it’s not the real thing.”

It’s What You Want

Custom wall mural and faux finish artists agree that design is a collaboration with homeowners. Both Bryant and Perryman begin the custom wall mural creation process by sitting back and listening. Bryant gently probes her clients to find out what inspires them, perhaps looking through photographs together to observe what moves them. “Is it the color of fall leaves, or the sunset sky?” After agreeing on the design, the working area is protected with tape, paper, plastic, and other materials. Next comes what Perryman calls the “pardon my dust” phase, followed by the homeowner’s final approval before work is declared complete.

Looking ahead to 2016, local artists predict that homeowners will continue to use faux finishes and custom wall murals to express their hobbies, interests, and personalities. Bryant was commissioned to create five murals in one large master bathroom, including scenes of the property’s lush trees, the husband working on his vintage cars, and the wife gardening. Perryman cites an unusual request for an entry ceiling mural in a Temecula home. “I was asked to paint a reproduction of a painting titled “Earth Totem” featuring a sea turtle piloting a submarine while balancing a variety of animals on its back, while light bulb and puffer fish float in the sky above. It was a very fun job to do. I love it when people take risks.”

Image Source: Flickr/Emily May


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