Easy Kitchen Updates That Sell

Learn ways to easily and inexpensively upgrade your kitchen to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Find out how updates to your kitchen can remove biases and sell your home faster than similar homes on the market.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, as they’re the go-to source of physical and emotional nourishment for families. Whether being used for cooking, eating, mingling, or impromptu meetings, people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. As you prepare to put your DFW home on the market, you’ll soon find that a few easy kitchen updates can mean the difference between a purchase or a pass. When you consider that almost 90 percent of kitchen upgrades are recouped upon selling, the decision to invest in updates is as easy as pie.

Color Matching: A Recipe for Success

Your kitchen’s color scheme can provide one of the first and most lasting impressions on buyers. Kitchens are often a huge selling point to buyers, so it can be important to increase its universal appeal by incorporating neutral colors. New coats of neutral paint can spice up otherwise bland kitchen walls. Since a kitchen’s colors can also serve as a tell-tale sign of your home’s age, updating to unassuming neutral shades can help remove biases associated with purchasing an older home. Ensure that your kitchen’s back splash and countertops complement new paint for the ultimate impression of cohesion.

Get Cooking in the 21st Century

A few individuals find old school charm alluring, but committing to modernity can expand your market and attract more potential buyers. Consider updating your appliances to reflect convenience and safety. Buy matching appliances for the most appealing array of kitchenware. If your budget dictates a more modest upgrade, give your appliances a simple makeover by changing their pigment. Applying liquid stainless steel paint onto your older appliances can increase their perceived value. If you’d rather have your appliances look as if they were fresh out of the box, choose hues close to their original colors.

Find Buyers’ Soft Spots with Hardware

Little touches throughout your kitchen can have a massive impact on buyers. Tighten any loose cabinet pulls and knobs or replace them to give your kitchen an entirely different feel. Select sleek hardware for a modern home or dark brown hardware to support a rustic atmosphere. Install new light fixtures to keep your kitchen bright, airy, and warm. Inspect and repair kitchen sink fixtures. To an eagle-eyed buyer, weak, erratic, or noisy water flow streaming out of your kitchen faucet can indicate plumbing problems, but easy kitchen updates, like installing a new aerator or unclogging filters, can have your faucets functioning like new.

Floor Buyers with Your Flooring

As one of the most popular spots in a home, buyers expect kitchens to show signs of being a high-traffic area. They can, however, turn heel if they think that your flooring shows too many signs of wear and tear. Free your flooring of imperfections by cleaning it thoroughly and giving it a polish. Remove and replace individual tiles that have been broken. Cracked tiles make buyers think that a problem with your foundation exists.

The Smell of Seller Success

Butter up potential buyers for a sale by ensuring that sweet scents waft through the air while they tour your home. Pop pure vanilla extract into your oven for a few minutes to envelope buyers’ senses and make them feel as if they’re already home. If you have pets, neutralize pesky odors by leaving baking soda or activated charcoal out to take a bite out of unwanted aromas.

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