For a Quick Sale, Use Social Media to Sell a House

Find out how to use social media to increase the chances of a quick sale of a home. Learn how to utilize common features on popular social media platforms to advertise, provide virtual tours, and inspire trust in buyers.

Twenty-first century social media marketing lays the foundation for profitable boons for industries and businesses of all types, including the real estate market. As a home owner interested in a quick sale, you can take advantage of this digital revolution by using social media to advertise your home’s listing, demonstrate your property’s value, and dip into untapped buyer pools. Successful social networking can move your home off the market in just a few weeks.

Give Your Home Some Social Media Real Estate

While listing your home on websites devoted to showcasing Dallas-Fort Worth real estate can eventually win you a buyer, home owners have found that using social media as a marketing tool trains more eyes on the home buying prize. As some of the most widely and commonly accessed parts of the Internet, social media is an invaluable real estate tool when it comes to listing a home. Best of all, your target audience already likely shares digital space with you, as potential buyers can rub shoulders with your personal network of friends, family, and work associations.

After listing your home on your personal social media accounts, target buyers by posting your home’s listing in Facebook groups devoted to your community and local real estate offerings. By doing this, you’ll invite viral marketing, as users share your posts with their friends and family interested in relocating. Enmesh yourself in networks and lists, like those found on Twitter. Help buyers find your home by using relevant hashtags that highlight your city or specific features of your home — generating buzz starts with distinct tweets.

Connectivity sustains social media, so don’t be afraid to ask for a share. For platforms that specialize in microblogging, like Twitter, whittle down your real estate pitch to an easily-digestible, bite-size nugget. Focus on major selling points, like your home’s location, size, attractive features, and price. Sprinkle some SEO-rich keywords into posts on microblogging platforms that offer a little more space for detailed listings, like Tumblr. Keep the tone of your posts friendly, informative, and interesting: Engaging posts get the most shares, likes, reblogs, and notes.

Virtual Tours: The Real Pitch

For home sellers, pictures can be worth a thousand words on a freshly-inked contract or deed. Attaching current, clear, and attractive photos of your home’s interior to social media posts instantly increases the potential for a quick sale. It also inspires trust within buyers, as real estate scammers typically only offer a few exterior house shots to lure in marks. Take advantage of photo-centric social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your home. As an even more alluring and high-tech way to invite buyers into your home, consider uploading a virtual tour to YouTube. Your warmth and genuine exuberance — combined with the strategic relaying of fond memories created during holidays — can help buyers envision living there happily.

Odds and Ends

Since about 80 percent of Americans use social media, you’ll have to remain proactive with your posts to convert casual window shoppers to serious buyers. Use hashtags to search for people who want to move to your city, and strike up conversations and share your listing with them. Stay active on social media as long as your house remains on the market, so that you can answer potential buyers’ questions. To get the most digital interest in your home, consider joining forces with a real estate agent with a reputation for knowing how to effectively navigate through the sea of popular social media networks, and who can find ways to “like,” “heart,” and upvote your listing into an eager buyer pool.


Samantha Gonzales is a copywriter specializing in marketing, business, and educational publishing.

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