Getting Your Home’s Fireplace Ready for the Season

3 steps to take before using your fireplace this fall

The first day of fall is here, and I’ve been eyeing up my fireplace for the last two weeks wondering what I need to do to prepare for the inaugural fire in our new home. Disclaimer: Fireplaces scare me. In every home we’ve ever lived, I’m always worried it’s not in proper working order and our house might burn down. As a result, we end up never enjoying it out of my fear. So in our new home I’ve decided to conquer this pyrophobia by doing some research and bringing in the professionals. Here are three steps to get your home fireplace ready for the upcoming season.

  1. A good cleaning. Get out your shop-vac and remove all the cobwebs or remnants from your last fire. After cleaning out the fireplace, you’ll be able to determine if you need to tackle any mortar repair issues. There are tons of how-to articles for this type of repair, or you can bring in the professionals.
  2. Shine a light on it. While you’re in the garage, grab the flashlight and take a peek up your chimney. According to Gary Spolar of Bay Village-based Century Chimney Sweep, you’re looking for “fuzzy or shiny material” called creosote. Creosote is flammable, so it’s important to bring in professionals to clean.
  3. Protect your outdoor friends. One of the reasons why I’ve been looking at my fireplace more than normal is the strange sounds coming out of it. Since I don’t have a ladder long enough to get up to the chimney vent to inspect what critter has nested, I know I definitely will be calling in the professionals.

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