Hell’s Kitchen Real Estate: What It Looks Like Now

Hell’s Kitchen real estate is something that’s on a lot of apartment hunters’ minds lately. The area, once known as a part of town to stay away from, is experiencing a residential boom. The following will give you a little taste of what the area is like.

Hell’s Kitchen real estate is something that’s on a lot of apartment hunters’ minds lately. Once known as an area you went out of your way to avoid, Hell’s Kitchen is becoming one of the most popular areas of the city, thanks to an increased number of amenities. And it’s relative affordable compared to areas nearby like Chelsea or the West Village. If you’re looking to take a ride on the West Side (but not Chelsea, West Village, or the Upper West Side), you may want to give Hell’s Kitchen a closer look.

Where Is Hell’s Kitchen?

The neighborhood stretches from 34th Street to 59th Street and from Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River. No one can be absolutely sure where the neighborhood’s distinct name came from, but some folks believe it had something to do with an obscure quote folk hero Davy Crockett made back in the 1800s when referring to the Five Points slum in lower Manhattan. Today, real estate agents refer to the area as Hell’s Kitchen, or they use one of its newer monikers, Midtown West or Clinton. It’s known for cool restaurants, eclectic shopping, and its gritty/hip vibe. The neighborhood offers easy access to transportation and has a great walkability score, making it ideal for New Yorkers who don’t want to have to trek to get to the things they love to and/or have to do.

Who Lives Here, and Who Wants to Live Here?

Once the Civil War was over, many poor and working-poor people, many of them Irish, moved to the area and into overcrowded, run-down tenements. Poverty and crime became synonymous with the neighborhood. In the 1970s, the city made a concerted effort to bring the neighborhood up to par with the rest of the changing city, kicking off in 1977 with Manhattan Plaza, the affordable housing, residential towers located on 43rd Street. Many of the residents who live in the towers were in the creative industry, helping give the area a spirited and vibrant feel. Today, people who move here are lured by a wide variety of different reasons. New, luxury towers have sprung up throughout the area, drawing families and hip singles alike.

What Type of Real Estate Is There?

Thanks to construction restrictions, buildings located in the area between 8th and 10th Avenues and between 41st and 56th Streets are limited to a height restriction of 66 feet (about seven stories), so you won’t find dazzlingly tall high rises there. This would be the area to search if you’re looking for more affordable living spaces in walkup buildings. For folks looking for the amenity-laden luxury building living experience you find in the rest of Manhattan, there are plenty of new high-end towers in the area to tempt their taste buds. The 32-story Gotham West apartments, located at 45th Street and 11th Avenue, offers residents perks like concierge services, an indoor market, its own art gallery, and fully equipped gym complete with yoga studio. There is a push to ensure that affordable housing options continue to be provided as the Hell’s Kitchen real estate scene continues to grow.


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