His and Her Bedding Styles

Moving in with your significant other doesn’t just mean you’ll share a mortgage or rent payment. It also means you’ll share design and decorating decisions. One area where you’ll both have to agree is the bedroom, and in particular, the bedding.

When it comes to bedding styles, some designs are clearly made to appeal to a female customer. When you see bedspread and bed sheets that are pink, flowery, or delicate, you think “girly.” Although there are plenty of women who enjoy rich colors and avoid floral prints, darker colors and patterns such as plaid or stripes tend to give off a more masculine vibe.

What if you are moving in with your spouse or partner, have vastly different design tastes, and need to combine bedding styles in your Philadelphia home? Here are a few tips to keep you both happy when it comes to the design of your shared sleeping space.

Choose a Color Scheme

One way to find a bedding style that’s versatile and that appeals to both her tastes and his tastes is to pick a color scheme with a few colors that you both enjoy. Yellow is typically considered a gender neutral hue, for example. Other colors you might include in your bedding color scheme include gray, purple, blue, or orange. Combined with other colors, such as gray and blue, pink looks less obviously feminine, and can be at home in a bedroom designed to appeal to both of your tastes and preferences.

Beside giving you each a chance to have some say in how the bed and bedroom looks, picking a few colors for the color scheme also increases the flexibility of your bedding. For example, if you decide on a color scheme of white, yellow, and blue, you can pick out a set of blue sheets and yellow sheets, and use them interchangeably with a solid white duvet or a patterned yellow, blue, and white duvet.

Mix Up Patterns and Textures

Another way to bring balance to the bedroom is to combine multiple patterns and textures into one bedding arrangement. For example, you can add floral print and plaid print accent pillows to the bedding set, as long as they work with the color scheme you choose.

Picking textured bedding, such as a pin-tucked duvet cover or a fuzzy throw blanket, can make your bed more interesting. If one of you thinks a solid-color scheme is too drab or dull, adding textured bed linens is a way to jazz it up while keeping the color preferences of the other person in mind.

Picking Bedding

In the long run, the quality of your bedding is going to matter more than the color or pattern of it. Invest in sheets and bedding made from Egyptian cotton, if you can. Egyptian cotton features longer threads, which create bed sheets that are both soft and long-lasting. As Real Simple notes, the type of cotton or fabric your sheets are made out of matters more in the end than the thread count. If Egyptian cotton is out of your price range or you can’t find it, Supima cotton is another good option.

Listen to Each Other

One of the most important things to do when picking out bedding with another person is listen to each other. If one of you states that you absolutely don’t like a certain style or color, it’s not fair for the other person to insist on that style.

Remember to compromise — much of the time you spend with the bedding will be when you’re asleep. And, when you’re getting a good night’s sleep, you won’t really be aware of or care about how the sheets and duvet cover look.


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