Homes for Dogs Project in Rancho Cucamonga

Coldwell Banker Blackstone is participating in the Homes for Dogs Project on September 10! The pet adoption will take place at the Upland Animal Shelter.

Coldwell Banker Blackstone is participating in National Pet Adoption Weekend with the “Homes for Dogs Project.” On September 10th, Blackstone is holding an adoption event at the Upland Animal Shelter.

20,000 Dogs

We all know that a dog makes a home even happier. Coldwell Banker partnered up with to help 20,000 dogs find loving homes in 2015 through the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project. The adopting didn’t stop there! Coming this September 9–10, local offices across the nation are teaming up in 2017 to help our four-legged friends. Now in its third year, real estate agents across the nation have participated in the Homes for Dogs Project with Coldwell Banker. A home should always have “somebody to love.” It could be a friend, family member, spouse, or even an adopted dog.

The goal of 20,000 adoptions was achieved in the first nine months of the project back in 2015. Since then, Coldwell Banker offices have been working with local shelters to host adoption events to help raise awareness for homeless dogs. The latest Coldwell Banker advertising campaign, titled “Somebody to Love,” is a reminder that the difference between a house and a home is love – and sometimes the smallest things are all it takes to fill that void.

Helping Dogs in the Inland Empire

Blackstone real estate agent Sheila Elgart has stepped up to the cause, and will be hosting a pet adoption event at the Upland Animal Shelter. Coldwell Banker Blackstone is known for getting people into a home, now that mission is to help pets do the same. Helping a local animal shelter does not mean you have to adopt. The shelter is also acting as a donation center for food, supplies, or cash. Local shelters are made possible by work and donations of the local community. Please contact our office if you would like to donate or volunteer!

Our company has been honored to serve this community for many years. With multiple offices throughout the Inland Empire, each office has their own “passion projects.” Learn more about this event by checking out Sheila’s Facebook page! Refreshments and prizes will be at the event, please contact Sheila if you would like to support a great cause!

Everyone Deserves a Home

Locally established for over 25 years, Coldwell Banker Blackstone Realty is family owned and operated and has been synonymous for helping people find homes in Rancho Cucamonga. Many of our more than 130 sales professionals are pet owners, and this adoption weekend event means something special. At Coldwell Banker Blackstone, we think everyone deserves a home! That includes our favorite pets as well. Contact our Rancho Cucamonga office location if you would like to volunteer, donate, or participate in the adoption event!


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