Houses and Apartments for Rent: What Works For You

Once you’ve considered your household, needs, lifestyle, and expectations, it’s time to make the choice between houses and apartments for rent in the DFW area. Here, we’ll break down some of the options for you to help you make that choice.

So you’re on the market, looking for your next home. How will you ever decide? In the DFW area alone, there are thousands of available houses and apartments for rent at any given time. Assuming you’ve already determined your budget and desired area, use this handy guide to help determine whether an apartment or a house would better suit your needs and lifestyle.

Will a House Hold Your Household?

The dynamics of your household can be one of the first deciding factors between renting a single-family property or an apartment. How many people do you live with? The larger your household, the more a rental home may suit your needs. It can be tougher to find an apartment large enough to accommodate a larger family, while single-family homes more commonly boast four or more bedrooms. Conversely, if you live alone or with a roommate, or if you have a smaller family, an apartment may be better for you.

Who Else Lives with You?

Who else inhabits your home? If you have pets — and especially if you have more than one pet — you may find it easier to rent a single-family home. Will your large dog be happier with a backyard space to romp in? Can you better negotiate pet terms with an individual landlord rather than be bound by apartment community pet guidelines?

Can You Keep Up with Upkeep?

Single-family homes generally require much more work on your part. While maintenance staff at an apartment community mow the lawn, you may be responsible for your own yard in a rental house. How do you feel about clearing walkways following inclement weather? That’ll likely be your job in a home, while an apartment community will take care of that for you and all other residents.

What’s In A Bill?

Whether you’re considering an apartment or a house, one of the first factors you should question is what utilities or amenities your monthly rental payment will cover. Landlords and apartment communities vary widely in what is covered versus what must be set up and paid individually.

How’s the Neighborhood?

Apartment living and single-family neighborhood living can be very different. Consider the benefits each may have to offer.

Potential Apartment Benefits:

  • Entertainment space
  • Pool/lounge area
  • Exercise room
  • On-site maintenance team

Potential Single Family Home Benefits:

  • Longer-term neighbors
  • Community connection
  • Mixture of renters and owners

Making A Home Your Own

One final decision factor to consider when considering houses and apartments for rent is how much customization you desire. In an apartment complex, you likely won’t be able to do much with wall colors, types of flooring, or other semi-permanent design fixtures. Living in a single-family home may give you the opportunity to work with your landlord to make changes to the appearance or flow of the space. This can be a point you negotiate as part of the overall contract.

Once you’ve considered your household, needs, lifestyle, and expectations, it’s time to make the choice between houses and apartments for rent in the DFW area. Good luck and welcome home!

Image Source: Flickr/Paul Gorbould


Tiffany wasn't born in Texas, but she got here as fast as she could. She and her husband have gained extensive experience buying, selling, renovating and flipping homes in the DFW area. A professional freelance writer, Tiffany enjoys contributing real estate and home improvement articles to the Coldwell Banker site and working with other clients to craft content that's specially designed to generate interest while sharing valuable ideas.

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