How to Make a Kid Friendly Study Space

A blog post intended to help you transform a part of your home into a kid friendly work space.

As a kid and now a college “big-kid,” homework was never something I thoroughly enjoyed. It took me away from spending time with my loved ones. Homework always felt like an extension of an already long school day. However, what made it bearable was the fact that my parents had created a study space that I didn’t mind being in for the hour or so it took to do my school work. So here are a few ways you can make your child’s study space a little more encouraging and inviting.

Designate a Desk or Area
In my opinion, having a great desk or work area is the foundation for creating a space that your child or teen will enjoy doing their homework and studying in. Before my parents brought me a desk for my room, I used to do my homework sitting crossed legged and hunched over on my bed. As a result, my back used to ache terribly and I was never able to keep focus. Since I’ve gone to college, the desk has subsequently been moved to my younger sister’s room where she can now use it. If room for a desk isn’t available designate an quiet area in the house AWAY from distractions like TV and busier areas of the home.

Ensure Sufficient Lighting 
Lighting is super important. As a result of both sitting too close to the T.V. and working in poor lighting, I am now as blind as a bat.(OK maybe I just have bad eye genes but I’d like to chalk it up to the TV) Proper lighting can prevent your child’s eyes from straining and also help to promote alertness; this I definitely know from experience. I think this is why school’s are so bright and cold; they were trying to keep us all from passing out!

Add Pops of Color
With my younger siblings who are nine and eleven, my parents hang their artwork from school on tack boards over their work desk. This shows off their creations, provides beautiful color to the space, and makes them feel proud of themselves. Adding a jar of colorful candies is also a way to help make a study space kid friendly; as well as keep them from getting hungry.

We have compiled some of our favorite work stations below:


via Kat Smith

We really like the great storage space within this desk area; it is great for keeping all sorts of supplies.

desk 5

via PBteen

This study space has the most perfect source of lighting, natural lighting!

desk 6

via Yue Liang

We love the great functionality of this study space. It capitalizes on a small area but has plenty of storage and room for two little workers!

We here at Coldwell Banker Real Estate hope that you took some inspiration from this post and can find ways to apply these ideas to your kid’s, or your own, study space.

Featured photo by Brendan DeBrincat

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Lindsay lives in Livingston, NJ with her college sweetheart and now husband Joe and rwelcomed another Joe into her life as she became a mom in June 2016.

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