Increase Your Home Value by Making Easy Updates

There are easy updates homeowners can make to increase the value of their home. Whether they hire a stager or do it themselves, many of these suggestions are easy and affordable. There are also some more extensive options sellers can do to their homes.

As a Jacksonville homeowner, there are simple things you can do to increase your home value. The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors has reported more than 13,000 homes and condos are on the real estate market. Because there are so many choices for homebuyers, sellers have to make sure their homes stand out against the competition.

You can make some easy, inexpensive updates to increase your home value so your home is as appealing as possible to potential home buyers in the Jacksonville area.

Add the Extras

Buyers want as much as possible for their money, and many buyers want to be able to enjoy the Jacksonville weather. Sliding glass doors and large, open windows will also showcase the area’s weather. Make sure you add or fix the lanais or porch screens and keep the pool clean. You can even buy flowers that can hang on hooks by the front porch to make your home seem more welcoming. If you want your home to stand out, offering buyers ways like these to enjoy the weather will help.

Hire Help

You may have been living in your home so long that you can’t tell what the biggest eyesores are and what should be fixed first. Hire an interior decorator or home stager who will be able to give you some outside perspective.

One of the most common suggestions is to add color to white, sparse walls. Light colors, such as beige and light gray reflect light, making a room seem bigger, and they are appropriate for wide open Florida floor plans.

Fix the Landscaping

A home’s yard is the first thing a potential home buyer sees before they even walk through the door. Weeds, crab grass, and dry patches in your yard can easily turn buyers off. Spend a few days in the yard refreshing the mulch, resodding dry areas, and pulling the weeds. Make sure all sprinklers are working properly.

Spruce It Up

A cluttered home filled with piles and knickknacks turns potential buyers off and makes the house seem smaller. A professional organizer can come to your home and maximize your space. Professional organizers are particularly helpful with smaller spaces, such as beach side condos and lofts.

You should make sure your home is as clean as possible. Soiled carpets and dirty walls can give the impression that the home hasn’t been cared for over the years. Hire carpet cleaners to get the floors in the best shape possible. Spend a day scrubbing stains, and give your home a heavy clean.

Increase Efficiency

Sellers are competing against thousands of other homes, including new homes with new appliances. Homebuyers don’t want to spend extra money on their electricity every month, so the more efficient your home, the better.

The Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) will conduct free energy efficiency audits to determine if your home has any cracks or leaks and will let you know what repairs to make. This will improve your home’s efficiency, which will also save you money on future home repairs.

Consider replacing your A/C unit with a brand new, energy efficient system with a digital thermostat. Efficient air conditioning is extremely important, particularly in Jacksonville’s hot summer months. Buyers want to make sure it is functioning properly.

By spending a few days on your lawn, cleaning up your home, and hiring outside help to give you some valuable outside perspective, you can easily, and inexpensively, increase your home value.


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