Let Fido Play: Philadelphia Dog Parks

Don’t leave your dog cooped up indoors all day. Philadelphia is home to a number of dogs-and-owners-only parks. Let your pet make friends and enjoy some time in the great outdoors by joining a dog run near your home or by visiting one across the city.

Life in the city can be challenging for dogs. There’s limited room in most city yards for them to run about and play. You can’t let your dog just wander down the sidewalk or take him off the leash when you go for a walk. In Philadelphia, dog parks give both pets and owners a respite. Your pup gets to socialize and play while you can relax and chat with fellow dog lovers. Philadelphia dog parks are scattered across the city and are usually maintained by a team of volunteers.

Seger Dog Run

Seger Dog Run is located in Center City at 10th Street and Lombard Street and is part of a recreational facility and park area. The dog run is open to pooches over the age of four months that are fully vaccinated. It’s an off-leash area, so any leashes should be removed as you and your pet enter the dog run. To protect young children, no one under the age of ten is allowed in the dog run area, and kids under the age of fifteen need to be supervised by a grownup. The dog park is regularly maintained and features water for thirsty pets and plastic bags for owners to clean up any messes.

If you want to use the dog run, you do need to become a member. Yearly dues are $50 per family and $5 for each extra dog you own. You can bring up to three dogs to the park at a time.

Pretzel Park

The dog run in the middle of Pretzel Park, or Manayunk Park as it’s officially known, is open to all, as long as your pet is more than four months old and is up to date on shots. Your dog is free to run around the area off leash, but you might need to keep an eye on her if she’s a jumper. While there is a fence on three sides of the park area, the fourth side is enclosed by a low wall, which a dog could jump over. The dog run has a water fountain for pets to use as well as a collection of plastic bags for clean-up.

Orianna Hill Dog Run

Over in Northern Liberties, the Orianna Hill Dog Run is another members-only dog park. The park was created in 2000 after the Friends of Orianna Hill Park purchased the vacant land it’s on for a dollar. When you join the dog park, you take part ownership of it. It’s located at 901-13 N. Orianna Street, between 3rd and 4th Street. It’s an off-leash area, but each dog in the park needs to have a tag identifying him as a member of the dog run. Your dog also needs to be over four months old, vaccinated, and neutered if older than eight months. The dog park isn’t open to minors.

Schulkyll River Dog Run

The dog run at Schulkyll River Park opened in 1997 and has been maintained and improved by a friends group since then. The dog park is open to all pet owners, but you’re encouraged to become a member of the park to help support it. Children over the age of eleven can visit the dog run area, but all dog owners have full responsibility for any bites or injuries caused by their pet. As of 2013, the dog run is in the midst of an expansion and upgrade. When finished, the popular park will be larger and will have a surface made of fake K-9 grass instead of wood chips or stone.


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    January 22, 2014

    I will defenetly take my dog to those great parks! Thank you so much for this list. It’s defenetly helpful for those who do not really know good parks to sent their dogs to.

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