Living in Style: The French Eclectic Home

In the next edition of the Home Style Library series, Andersen Windows unveils the elements of the French Eclectic style which seems fit for a fairy tale.

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The French Eclectic style is not just one style, but rather a range of styles inspired by French architecture. The look made its journey across the Atlantic by way of America’s World War I soldiers, who returned home from Europe with an appreciation for the beauty, elegance and refined tastes they found throughout France. Although its roots are in the south of France, the French Eclectic style is a very Americanized interpretation of the character and charm found in the French countryside.



Key features of the French Eclectic style include:

• Steep French, Mansard or multiple-pitch gable roofs
• Conical-roofed round towers and/or dormers
• Symmetrical window and door compositions in formal houses; asymmetrical compositions in informal houses
• Modest timber frame with stucco or stone interiors
• Earth-tone color palates to compliment natural wood and stone architectural features
• Casement and double-hung windows, featuring exterior shutters

Here are just two examples of French Eclectic style homes listed with Coldwell Banker. Click on the links below to learn more.

French Eclectic_NJ

5 Trailside Pl, Saddle River, NJ listed at $16.5M with Laurie Schragen at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

French Eclectic_TX

104 Mont Blanc Drive, Heath, TX listed by Vicky Chesna with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 

Flexibility is what makes French Eclectic homes so expressive, but the imagination of the homeowner is what brings a fairy tale quality to homes of this style. Find out more about the most popular American home styles at the Andersen Home Style Library, or search for your next home at

Victoria Keichinger is the Vice President, Brand Marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. When she's not managing national media and advertising for the Coldwell Banker brand at work, she finds herself most at home in Jersey City, NJ with her pre-school crush turned spouse and son. A true Francophile, she loves to travel and will go anywhere there are ski slopes.

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