Making a Checklist for Moving Your NYC Abode


Preparing a checklist for moving is the perfect way to begin and stay organized during your NYC big move to a new abode. Whether downsizing, or moving to expand the household, you will be on a roller coaster ride filled with exhilaration and anxiety.


Preparing a checklist for moving is the perfect way to begin and stay organized during your NYC big move to a new abode. Whether downsizing or moving to expand the household, you will be on a roller coaster ride filled with exhilaration and anxiety all at once. By keeping organized you will have complete control when tackling a big move.

Your moving checklist begins with attaining the perfect supplies to get the move going and on time.

Most important is to be totally prepared for the move with must-have provisions to make your New York City move as comfortable and ordered as possible.

  • Evaluate what you will be moving in order to get plenty of boxes ready to hold your packing requirements. Consider boxes made with inserts to place glassware and dishes in lieu of wrapping dishware. Wardrobe boxes make moving closet clothes easier. Simply shift clothes on hangers from closet to rod in box and then back into your new closet.
  • Keep your old towels and blankets as well as tee shirts and sweaters; these can serve as excellent moving materials to protect breakable items when packing.
  • Save stacks of newspapers as get bubble wrap for packaging up small delicate items.
  • Have on hand plenty of black waterproof markers and different colored labels for tagging boxes.
  • Zip lock baggies in various sizes are perfect for holding small items.
  • Have plenty of packing tape on hand. Not only will it seal up your boxes but packing tape is perfect for taping old towels and blankets around fragile pieces like framed art, mirrors, and lamp bases.
  • Stretch plastic wrap is a great moving tool to keep items in place during handling.

Keep items packed tightly so they will fill the entire box snugly and keep things from shifting and prevent breakage during the move. When packing up individual pieces of delicate china and breakable items, make sure to wrap them each separately in newspaper and bubble wrap. Tee shirts and sweaters are wonderful for protecting fragile pieces as well.

When taking apart furnishings there will be loose hardware and screws. As you disassemble, place hardware in baggies and then tape the baggies to the main objects for easy reassembling.

Stretch plastic wrap is a moving friend. Do not empty dresser drawers when moving. Simply take each drawer and wrap tightly with the plastic wrap. Clothes and contents will be kept in place. Afterward, remove the plastic wrap, reinsert drawer, and you are unpacked. Plastic wrap is also perfect to wrap upholstery to prevent it from getting dirty and to keep loose pillows in place.

Take control using labels and black magic markers. Use a specific color label to code the destination room and place this on the top and side of each box. Mark the label with the room that they are to be moved into. Be sure to mark each box with your marker to note exactly what is inside, such as small electronics, candles, vases, and photos and keepsakes. Be specific to keep breakable items together in their own boxes that are clearly marked as “fragile.”

By simply preparing a checklist for moving you will keep control and the pressure down on moving day. Direct moving to assure that each box is placed correctly in the right room ready to unpack. Begin unpacking right away to get it done in order to begin enjoying your new domicile.

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