Making a Case for Metallics in Home Staging


Find out why metallic elements are a top choice of professional stagers!


Do you find yourself drawn to metallics when it comes to picking out your home’s decor? If so, good choice! Staging expert Talia Malizia from AFR Furniture Rental explains why incorporating metallics is a great choice for any home, but especially when staging it for sale.

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, or are interested in sprucing up your home, we’re hoping you’ll find all the content being shared this week helpful! Join the conversation throughout Staging Week by chatting with us on Twitter. Check back tomorrow for new videos!

Christian is the Senior Brand Media Manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. In this role, he oversees social media for the brand as well as media planning for all national advertising campaigns. Originally from Miami, Christian moved to New Jersey from Atlanta in 2015. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, hanging with friends and binging TV's latest hits.

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