Why It Might Be Time to Get a 4K TV for Your Home

Ultra HD is here and it might be more available than you think.

At CES, every TV imaginable is on display. And they all look magically delicious. But I have had an issue with the 4K craziness because I questioned whether it’s realistic that the average consumer would be able to enjoy the amazement of a 4K picture on a regular basis at home.

If you’re not familiar with what 4k TV is, it means the TV can display 4,000 pixels and is also referred to as Ultra HD. The picture quality is vastly superior to even the most high end 1080p HDTVs.

While anyone can buy a 4K TV, there’s a limited supply of 4K content available. Plus, you need to wait for your cable or satellite provider to be able to broadcast at a 4K level and for the box/connection to your home to have enough bandwidth to receive it. That’s a lot of variables that gives me pause for concern before plopping down significant cash to get one of these new TV sets.

That is until I walked the floor at CES and talked to a few of the 4K TV manufacturers.

LG had the largest display of 4k TV’s, including some with Swarovski Crystals embedded in them. But beyond the actual TV sets they also had demos of 4K programming from content providers like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus and even DirecTV. The Internet-based providers were expected to have 4K content available in Q1 while DirecTV was promoted as debuting later this year.

This is good news for home owners who have Netflix, Hulu or other digital content subscriptions. 4K level content is going to be readily available to you in 2015. With cable providers and satellite companies already feeling pressure from these digital competitors, I fully expect we’ll hear about FiOS and Comcast promoting 4K content in the near future as they want to avoid yet another excuse for home owners to “cut the cord.”

Is the 4K picture that great? Yes, it is.


So far my favorite TV has been this 85 inch beauty from Sony. I am currently an owner of a Sony Bravia so I do have a predisposition towards Sony TV products whose picture quality I consistently find to be greater than competitors. What I also like about this set is it comes with a built-in stand so you don’t have to hang it on the wall or buy an enormous TV cabinet to put an 85 inch TV on.

The only drawback is that you have to find someplace to put your speakers, DVR, Xbox, etc. That’s a problem I’d like to have.

The 4K revolution is set to begin. Will you jump on board or are you going to wait until it becomes more readily available? Let us know in the comments and follow all the CES news from our content team by visiting blog.coldwellbanker.com/ces.


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