New Yorkers! Here’s How to Sell Your Stuff


If you’re trying to figure out how to sell your stuff, Craigslist is great, but surely there are other options out there? Yup! There are several great apps and websites that help New Yorkers unload all of their unwanted stuff.


If you’re moving on to a new home, or if you’re trying to Marie Kondo your condo, you’re probably trying to ditch or sell your stuff. It’s always awesome when you make a score, but do exercise caution when buying and selling items online. If you decide to meet up with someone who’s interested in something that you’re selling, make sure to set up a neutral place to meet like a coffee shop. If the item is too large to carry, have friends or family with you when the potential buyer drops by.


You don’t have a real stoop where you can have a last-minute, impromptu garage sale — so how do you sell your stuff? No biggie. That’s what Wallapop is for. Wallapop is an app that allows you to sell your unwanted items like furniture, clothes, and old tubas to people in your area. Available for both Android and IOS devices (as well as via desktop), simply download the app to your mobile device, register, take a pic (you can upload up to four) of what you want to sell, and sit back and wait for the offers to come in. Be specific when listing your item; list out features like model item, fabric, year of production, etc. This info will make it easier for people to find your item when they do a search. The app will use your location to ping potential buyers and sellers within up to a mile of where you live.


Craigslist is a deliciously wonderful and excruciatingly infuriating site when it comes to buying and selling furniture. There’s nothing more annoying than thinking that you’ve got a buyer for your cherished-but-too-big Parisian club chair. Then, when they buyer shows up, he or she wants to negotiate the price down way below the asking price. AptDeco simplifies the process by allowing you to conduct your entire transaction online. You place your item for sale on the site. Interested buyers will buy the item online and, pending confirmation of the condition of the item, the AptDeco delivery team will pick up the item from your house and deliver it to the buyer. The company takes a 19 percent fee. It’s a seamless process for both sides because the transaction is done without the buyer or seller having to meet. AptDeco doesn’t have an official app, but it’s completely functional on your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


Close5, part of the eBay Classifieds Group, is another “in your area” app that allows you to unload your unwanteds with ease. This popular app, available on IOS and Android devices, makes it easy to snap a pic of what you want to sell and upload it to the universe in seconds. You don’t even have to add a description if you don’t want to, although it could help. You can sign up for the app via email or through your Facebook account. The in-app messaging feature allows you to safely interact with potential buyers without giving up any of your personal info.

NY Stuff Exchange

This innovative website was created by the NYC Department of Sanitation in 2007. It’s perfect for New Yorkers who want to sell stuff, buy stuff, repair stuff, or donate stuff! The ultimate goal of this site is to get residents to reuse, sell, or donate their unwanted goods instead of throwing them away. You can access the site for IOS devices here. There currently isn’t an Android app, but you can still access the site on Android phones via the URL.


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