Oakland A’s All Star Josh Donaldson Knows Home is More Than a Feeling

The hot hitting third baseman shares how no matter where he lives, the feeling of home follows because of those he share it with.

Baseball memorabilia abounds when you enter the Oakland home of the A’s All Star third baseman, Josh Donaldson. You can tell that baseball is his life’s passion, but when  you talk to him about home baseball has very little to do with it.

In the final installment of our Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage series, Donaldson talks about that feeling you get when you come home and the environment that sets the tone for not just the day, but who you are. Donaldson lives in Oakland during the season in a place that he rents, but says this apartment feels just as much as home as where he lives in the off season. The reason? His girlfriend, Jillian, and dog, Lucy. Josh, we understand how home is more than just the walls that surround you, but the people with whom you share it.

Check out Josh Donaldson’s video below or view the other videos from the Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage series here.

Header image courtesy of Clubhouse Confidential

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