5 Organization Ideas That Double As Home Decor

In a small home or apartment, you need to get creative with the way your organize. These ideas will help you create a place for everything while enjoying a decorative space!

I can tell you from 3+ years of apartment living that you really need to get creative with your home storage. One tiny closet and a small storage unit in the basement is all we’ve got, so that whole “a place for everything and everything in its place” saying definitely doesn’t always apply to our situation! I made it my mission to come up with some creative storage solutions that would also double as home decor. These ideas will help you to fool people into thinking your small space is artsy & creative rather than cluttered and crazy! Read on for some decorative organization ideas:

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No towel racks in your tiny bathroom? No worries! Hang a few decorative baskets on the wall, roll up a few towels, and you’ve got yourself instant storage which also looks pretty darn snazzy.
Shower Ring Scarf Hanger - DIY Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Click for Tutorial

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Attaching shower rings to a hanger is the perfect solution for storing scarves or men’s ties. You could either hang this inside your closet, or on your door and display the pretty fabrics & prints.
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If you can’t fit many furniture pieces in your bedroom, a bookshelf can be a lifesaver in terms of giving you abundant space. Store items like socks, T-shirts, and hair accessories in decorative boxes and file them away in your bookshelf. It not only looks great, it helps you keep track of everything!
Stop digging for Q-tips, searching for the right eyeliner, and untangling curling iron cords. The key to a calm start to the day is having everything organized and at the ready in the bathroom.

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Mounting mason jars to a wooden board will instantly give your bathroom a “chabby chic” feel, while keeping small items like Q-Tips, toothbrushes, cotton pads, and makeup brushes all in one place.
Lucite coffee table, xl gold tray, perfect accessories, light grey sofa.

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A decorative tray is the perfect way to keep your coffee table from getting cluttered with books, coasters, plants, or other accessories.
What are some creative ways you’ve come up with to keep your belongings organized in your home? Tweet us a picture or tag us in an Instagram photo – we’d love to see your great ideas!

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