Smart At-Home Health

How everyday items are making us smarter about our health.

While fad diets and in vogue exercise plans come and go, one trend that remains consistent is smart health. We’re more knowledgeable about our health than ever before, and while we still have a long way to go, the technology showcased at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show proves that smart at-home health is a priority for innovators and consumers alike.

A Connected Toothbrush


Did you know that the plaque on our teeth is the same plaque that clogs our arteries? Pretty gross, right? Well, with proper dental hygiene, we not only promote good mouth health, but good heart health as well. One at-home health innovation that stood out on the Consumer Electronics Show floor was the Kolibree, a connected toothbrush that provides feedback about how you brush. You can store data about your brushing habits on your smart phone and even share with your dentist. Now that’s something to smile about!


A Smart Pillbox


Another very relevant health issue is prescription monitoring, with more than 70 percent of the population on prescription drugs and nearly 20% on 5 or more prescription medications. For those who take medication regularly, this Liif pillbox by TRiCELLA takes the Monday-Friday compartment organization one step further by a sending an alert to a phone (or multiple phones) when one of the chambers is opened, or if a pill is missed. So, if you want to make sure that grandma is taking her medication every day, you could set up an alert to ensure you’re notified when she takes her Tuesday afternoon dose. The product, which was featured in the health & wellness section of the Consumer Electronics Show provides a valuable service for those who have elders that live at home.

Activity Trackers


Perhaps the smartest health technology featured at CES falls into the wearable category. Fitness trackers like the Fitbit and the Jawbone continue to revolutionize health monitoring with their wristbands that track steps, sleep, and heart rate.  Then, there’s iFit, a holistic approach to smart at-home health that integrates nutritional changes based on activity, sleep and mood.

It is certainly no secret that connected at-home health is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality. As innovators continue to develop smarter at-home health & wellness products, one thing clearly evident—the secret to today’s at-home health products prioritize monitoring. Whether it’s dental hygiene, sleep patterns or prescription intake, it seems that smart health starts with making us smarter about our health.

Victoria Keichinger is the Vice President, Brand Marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. When she's not managing national media and advertising for the Coldwell Banker brand at work, she finds herself most at home in Jersey City, NJ with her pre-school crush turned spouse and son. A true Francophile, she loves to travel and will go anywhere there are ski slopes.

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