Find Out What Happens, When it Happens, with Mivatek

Mivatek’s smart home and health care systems help you protect protect your home and the people you love within them.

Smart home products aren’t just limited to lighting, temperature control and security – they can help with your loved ones’ health too.

Mivatek introduced a suite of products called “Home8” at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that do just that, keep your home and the people in them safe and healthy. Their smart health care and smart home packages provide a wide variety of anxiety reducing services that cover everything from home environment monitoring, to security, on over to medication adherence.

Home should be a space where we have peace of mind, and Mivatek’s core mission plays right into that, as they strive to provide peace of mind through technology. One of their hero products that received a great deal of buzz at CES was their automatic medication dispenser.

“One of the great things about our medication dispenser is it has 28 cartridges for up to 4 weeks of medication. You can program it up to 6 times a day and it gives an audible beep when it’s time for somebody to take their medication. There are other products like that on the market right now, but really what makes ours special is the fact that if you miss your medication, a text message goes out to an authorized list (caregivers, family members, neighbors, etc.).

– Tony Lee, Mivatek

Their smart care ecosystem gets smarter the more products you add to it. For instance, their twist hd cam gives you a 360 degree field of view along with two way audio. This is a wonderful compliment to the medication dispenser, as you can monitor where your loved one is, remind them to take their medicine and even directly call 911 if they look to be in distress. This could no doubt potentially cut down on the time it would take to get critical help to a loved one in distress.

Take a look below for the full interview with Tony Lee from Mivatek from our Smart Home Showcase set at CES.

Visit for information on Home8 and their service plans.

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