Peloton Is the End Of Your Workout Excuses


Your schedule, your preferences, your personalized, at-home workout – meet Peloton.


Here is a list of excuses I’ve made for not going to a workout class at the gym:

– I need to work out for a few weeks before going to the gym so I’ll be able to “keep up”
– I won’t make it there in time/I’m stuck in traffic (okay, sometimes this is legit)
– I’m tired
– It’s too expensive

Enter Peloton, who is basically saying this right now:


If you prefer exercising in the privacy of your own home, but still want a workout with the same intensity as you’d get during a live class, Peleton is the answer. You have the option to join live rides via the attached video screen, which are streamed from Peloton’s studios in New York City, or you can select the “on demand” option to choose a class when it’s most convenient for you.

The best part?

The classes are always at your house, always on your schedule, and always fit to your personal preferences. For a better idea of all the various class options Peloton offers, here’s a peek at their website:


Peloton’s metrics allow you to track your performance each and every time you ride, allowing you to stay on top of your progress and set fitness goals. If you’re more on the competitive side, you’ll even be able to see how your stats stack up against the other riders in the live classes. How’s that for motivation?

For more information on staying in shape at home, click here and here!

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