Public Transportation in Dallas and Home Buying

Find out how public transportation in Dallas can influence your preferences when shopping for a home in the city. Learn how different life circumstances can inform your final decision. Know how to use DART to live, work, and play to your benefit.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)’s acronym is fitting: It can get you where you need to be in a lightning quick, straight shot. With a far-reaching transportation network that boasts the use of a futuristic light rail and a dependable commuter rail — along with the usual option of a bus line — public transportation in Dallas stands a cut above the rest. Choosing a house with access to this complex infrastructural web can all but guarantee a happy home, a relaxed life, and a cushioned pocketbook.

Friends, Family, and Work

When you live near a DART-accessible area, the expansive world of Dallas — and no less than 12 additional cities — can unfold before you. If you have friends, relatives, or business in surrounding areas, you may find that DART provides a reliable lifeline to these entities. DART can take you to any number of places in North Texas as soon as you hop on and decide on a networked destination.

While a great choice for commuters, DART can also keep the bonds of family and friendships strong. Entertaining guests can become infinitely easier when you purchase a home along a DART route. Friends and loved ones who live out of state will no doubt appreciate the convenience of being able to arrive at your dwelling with little fuss after traveling along the trusty DART Rail.

Getting to Know a New City

Homeowners who are new to Dallas can benefit from buying a house near DART access for one very practical reason: It can help them get to know the city better. Using DART, familiarizing yourself with routes and simply exploring areas that interest you can demystify every nook and cranny of this great city in record time. Should you happen to buy a home in an isolated enclave or in a neighborhood with a personality that doesn’t quite mirror yours, DART can act as a homing beacon that leads you to appealing social activities and fun.

Hitting the Savings Bull’s-eye

As many homeowners may be concerned with their budgets as they settle into their new abodes, DART can help alleviate some financial stress by providing a cost-effective way to travel and navigate the North Texas area. New homeowners who have felt the unyielding pinches of down payments, associated closing costs, and unforeseen repair work can save money by opting to hitch a ride on public transportation. Savings can quickly add up, if you choose to use DART every day for both work and recreation.

Accessibility and Paratransit Services

If you have a disability, living along a DART route can ensure that you’ll have access to all the best places that Dallas has to offer. Trains and buses adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and are equipped to accommodate the needs of the physically impaired and protect their assistive devices or service animals. Wheelchair lifts, belts, reserved seating, and special travel training are just a few of the inclusive features available to DART riders with disabilities. Paratransit services are also an option for those who find the regular DART services too challenging. For disabled DART riders, public transportation in Dallas can give the gift of unfettered and limitless mobility.


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