Real Estate by the Numbers for July 2012

Welcome to our second look inside the numbers of Before I get into the most visited homes on our site and where visitors are coming from and showing the most interest in, I wanted to touch on how consumers are searching. It is fascinating.

Florida mega mansion

It’s no surprise this palace is one of the most viewed homes on

Welcome to our second look inside the numbers of  Before I get into the most visited homes on our site and where visitors are coming from and showing the most interest in, I wanted to touch on how consumers are searching.  It is fascinating.

Mobile technology – our phones, IPads and other tablets – is redefining how, when and where we use the Web.  So while it’s no surprise that this trend is impacting real estate, the increase is incredible.  Compared to a year ago, the visits to from iPhones, Droids, iPads and the like increased by 41%.

The Coldwell Banker iPad app is having a major impact.  Because of the device’s ability to showcase homes, features and videos with a larger, crisper screen than the smaller phones, usage of our iPad app has skyrocketed by 154% from a year ago!  If you haven’t already,  you can check out all our apps here.

Another trend that stands out when looking at the stats from is the continued search for larger homes.  Visitors are looking at homes that average 3.31 bedrooms and 2.36 bedrooms, up 2.2% and 17%, respectively, since February. The number of rooms has remained flat at 6.44.

The average price of the homes searched for on is $380,015.

Let’s now look at which states that had the most active users on in June.    The list looks a lot like May with the exception of Illinois jumping to 3rd from 5th:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Illinois
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Florida
  7. Michigan
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Ohio
  10. Georgia

Those from the Wisconsin seem to be most interested in making a move.  They spent more than double the amount of time on the site than those from California and looked at 36.5% more properties.

And the top five places where people were searching stayed exactly the same as last month:

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Houston
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Dallas

Those looking at homes in Windy City were the most active, looking at an average of almost 7.5 properties per visit.  Although Chicago was a desired destination, none of the homes on our most viewed list for June were from there.

That list includes one of the most expensive homes in the world, the $125 million Casa Casuarina in South Beach and a holdover from last month, the “Azalea House” in Palatka, FL:

  1.  3589 West 4th Street, Forth Work, TX ($460,000)
  2. 3004 Squire Circle, Shelbyville, KY ($129,900)
  3. 58 Topaz Crescent, Whitehorse, YT  ($388,168 USD)
  4. 118 Eversole Road, Anderson Twp. OH ($579,900)
  5. Beverly Hills, CA ($57.5 million)
  6. 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL ($125 million)
  7. 220 Madison Street, Palatka, FL ($275,000)
  8. 14061 23rd Place, Seattle, WA ($249,950)
  9. 319 Oak Grove Drive, Grenada, MS ($169,900)
  10. 233 Lee Street, Holmen, WI ($149,900)

Let me know what you think of these homes and anything else that interests you from this post.

President and CEO for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Budge grew up in a real estate family in Florida, where his father was a broker for 60 years, and he began his real estate career as an agent in 1984 in the Orlando area. Budge has served in a variety of roles over the course of his real estate career, including Branch Manager, President and COO with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Florida and Executive Vice President of NRT Southeast region. In 2010, he became President and COO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate and in 2013 was named President and CEO of the brand, overseeing all aspects of the international real estate franchise organization. He currently serves as a FAR and NAR Director and is a member of NAR’s Strategic Planning Committee. Budge is routinely sought out by the media on matters relating to the real estate industry

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