Smarter and Safer Homes with Andersen Windows and Doors

Join us for an interview with CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree Andersen Windows to hear more about their VeriLock® integrated security sensors.

A consistent theme we’ve heard from the experts we’ve interviewed at our Smart Home Showcase is that security is at forefront of how homeowners are adopting smart home technology.

Few brands are doing more in the smart home safety space than CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree, Andersen Windows. Their VeriLock security sensors are the only home security sensors built directly into your windows and doors, making them completely invisible. In addition, these disguised sensors allow you to remotely monitor whether they’re open and closed and locked or unlocked.

Brand Engagement Manager Tori Keichinger’s conversation with Andersen Windows revealed an exciting new update to this VeriLock platform. In March they will begin to offer a retrofit option of their sensor, which means you can make your home smarter and safer without having to buy all new windows and doors!

Take a look at our full interview below for the 411 on how their platform even allows for professional security monitoring from the likes of trusted brands like ADT.

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