You Don’t Want Home Automation. You Want a Connected Home.

Think home automation and a connected home are the same thing? Somfy shares why there’s a benefit in the difference.

Somfy is the global leader in the manufacturing of motors and controls for blinds, shades and even projection screens, and stopped by the Coldwell Banker Smart Home Showcase at CES to talk about the move to making our homes more connected. Now what does a manufacturer of motors for window shades have to do with the smart home movement? I asked the same question, but after the interview with Tracy Christmann, Director of Marketing for Somfy, my questions were met with some interesting answers.

“Much of the smart home movement revolves around ‘home automation’ which is the ability to make your home perform tasks based on timing,” remarked Christmann “but what homeowners really want is a ‘connected home.’ One that knows you personally and can react based on your needs without you having to even think about it.” That’s an interesting perspective I haven’t heard articulated in that specific way. The ability to control your heat, lights or doors from your phone is nice, but having your home know you personally is really where the world of smart home technology is headed.

While Somfy offers a new app, called MyLink, that allows you to control window shades, blinds and even awnings from your phone, the product that I found most interesting is their smart window blinds and shades. These window treatments can react to the intensity of the sun and lower themselves automatically to make sure a room or even  your entire home isn’t wasting unnecessary energy. Sure your smart thermostat can make adjustments to turn up the A/C or the heat based on changes of temperature in your home, but what Somfy is talking about is almost preventive care for your home. Your home adjusts to its surroundings in order to prevent you from wasting energy and money. That’s what I call a smart home.

Tracy Christmann of Somfy covers much more in her one-on-one interview with Tori Keichinger of Coldwell Banker in the video below, and for more smart home coverage from CES check out

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