Stay On Task in 2022

Schedule the Right Time for To-Do Lists

Checklists are helpful for running a well-maintained home, but they need their own organizing. A runaway checklist may only overwhelm a homeowner if not broken down into manageable chunks. So divvy up each task and assign it to the right season and calendar month. Warm weather chores are better left tackled in balmier weather, while inside jobs give you an excuse to hunker down indoors and get it tip-top.

Winter: The Season of Complete Content. Devote the first few months of the year to getting your home in order. Detail interior rooms like you would a car, deep clean them all over to white-glove standards, straighten closets, cupboards and declutter – the results will bring a sense of calm. Add these often overlooked items to your cleaning list: ceiling fans, fridge and freezer, humidifiers, carpets and rugs.

Spring Into Action. It’s called “spring cleaning” for a reason. Spread out labor-intensive chores and give yourself only one big job to do each month in spring, such as rotating mattresses, replacing storm windows with screens, or maintaining the heating system and air conditioner by changing filters and cleaning. This is also the season to prepare flower beds, reseed and aerate lawns and service the lawn mower.

Take It Outside. Late spring to early summer is the time to bring out the patio furniture, planter boxes and garden art, prepare the grill for barbeques and the deck for entertaining. Use the start of the social season to wash the porch, clean the firepit, replace welcome mats and then send invitations to friends for an outdoor party. Play it safe and check home devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

The Inside Story. Prepare to take it indoors this time of year. Check doors for drafts and windows for cracks, clean out the gutters after the trees drop the last of their autumn show, deadhead flowers, wrap fragile shrubs and mulch garden beds to prevent heaving in cold temps. Chimney’s require a thorough sweep prior to winter to enjoy a roaring fire safely, and servicing the snow blower is a must if there’s a chance a blizzard may come to your town.

Take control of the many things to do around the house by making a clear-cut, year-long plan. You’ll find you feel more organized, less stressed and have more time to sit back, relax and look at all you’ve accomplished throughout the year.

Guest Post written by Tracy Ellison.

Tracy Ellison is a creative content writer for The Studio, providing insightful information and ideas to enhance the art of living, with a background as an advertising photo stylist, designer, artist and copywriter.



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