The Best College Towns Offer So Much More than a Degree

Choosing to live in a college town beyond graduation can offer so much. So what makes East Lansing one of the best college towns? Michigan State University offers programs, classes, and events for people of every age.

I’m sure you’ve heard it mentioned that the years you spend in college are some of the best times of your life, but choosing to live in a college town beyond graduation can offer so much more. So what makes East Lansing one of the best college towns? Michigan State University offers programs, classes, and events for people of every age. There is truly something for everyone at any time.

Sports of Course

One of the most well-known advantages of living in one of the best college towns, like East Lansing, are the endless opportunities to cheer for your home team. Nearly every day there is some type of sporting event happening. In addition to being a spectator, there are a huge variety of clinics and camps for both children and adults. One popular clinic is the annual Spartan Football Woman’s Camp. Here women have the opportunity to work out with the team coaching staff and utilize the top-notch team facilities while having fun and learning about the game. Michigan State also offers things like the Spartan Performance Clinic where athletes can go through testing, nutritional counseling, and assessment so they can perform their best at their chosen sport.

Educational Opportunities

Life in the best college towns offers countless educational opportunities for everyone. In East Lansing, classes can start at infancy. Baby music classes are offered through the University’s Community Music School. The school also offers a variety of programs for all ages, including music therapy, private instrument lessons, and choir. When kids are ready to start school, the MSU Child Development Lab offers innovative pre-school programs. For older kids, there are art classes at the Broad Museum of Art and a variety of language classes through the University’s Community Language School. Middle and high school students can take advantage of advanced placement classes through the University’s talented and gifted GATE Program. For adults, there are all sorts of educational opportunities available without the stress of worrying about a good grade. Adults can take more than 80 enrichment classes through the University’s Evening College.

Enjoy the Arts

The best college towns offer numerous opportunities to enjoy the arts. One unique place on the MSU Campus is the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum. This contemporary steel and glass museum was designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. It was featured in the recent Batman Movie, and if you want to visit the museum galleries, it’s free! If theater is your passion, you can catch the latest traveling Broadway Plays at the Wharton Center. Another fun theater program offered at MSU is the Summer Circle Theatre, where students put on free performances outside. It’s also fun to bring a picnic dinner and watch the MSU Marching Band practice their moves.

Opportunities to Just Have Fun

Finally, there are plenty of recreational and leisure activities to enjoy in the best college towns. A favorite in East Lansing is a visit to Michigan State’s Dairy Store where you can sample great flavors of delicious homemade ice cream, such as Dantonio’s Double Fudge Fake, named after the school’s head football coach. Downtown East Lansing offers some great boutique and restaurants as well as spirit shops where you can purchase your Spartan Green & White. Other fun activities include feeding the very outgoing ducks near the Red Cedar River, strolling through the beautiful botanical gardens, and braving the high dive at the university outdoor swimming pool on a summer day.

A college town can really be a great place to call home!

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Julie Stevenson is an Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood in Okemos, MI and a graduate of Michigan State University. She is a life-long Michigander and has called the Greater Lansing Area Home for over 25 years. She is a wife, mom and dog lover. In her spare time, Julie enjoys a good glass of wine, traveling with family and cheering for the MSU Spartans.

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