Tips for Using a Sports Theme in Your Home’s Decor

You love the Eagles, the Phillies, or the Flyers, or perhaps all three. While you want to show your love for your favorite teams at home, you don’t exactly want your house to look like a sports bar. Here’s how to show your fandom without going overboard.

You might enjoy cheering on the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field or rooting for the Phillies when they play at Citizens Bank Park. But do you love your teams so much that you want to use a sports theme when decorating your Philadelphia home? It all depends on your tastes. Some people don’t mind sports decorations, others find them to be a bit tacky. It is possible to decorate your home with your favorite teams in mind, without having your home scream “Sports!” to everyone who walks through the door.

Pick a Color

One way to bring a sports theme into your home decor without having it overwhelm your decorations is to use one or more of your team’s colors as a main or accent color. For example, if you really love the “midnight green” color used by the Eagles, you might paint it on the walls in your living room or use it as a trim color throughout the house. The Team Colors project lets you search for the official color names and codes for teams across the U.S.

If you want to keep things subtle, don’t use too many of a team’s colors. For example, using either Eagles’ gray or green will work, but using both together can be a bit much. The same is true if you want to use the Phillies’ colors. Using blue or red on the walls or as an accent is a subtle way to celebrate the team. But if you use both together, you risk making your room look like the team’s clubhouse.

Choose What Matters Most to You

Since there are a lot of sports-related decor items out there, such as throw pillows, blankets, and posters, it’s easy to go overboard when decorating a home or to buy so many sports themed items that you automatically end up with a sporty looking home. One way to rein in the sports decor is to only display the memorabilia that you value. Perhaps you have a signed Phillies jersey or baseball or a framed vintage print of Veterans Stadium.

Limit your sports-related decorating to finding ways to display your valuables. For example, you might frame your signed or vintage jerseys and arrange them in the living room over the couch. A signed football or baseball will look at home on a bookcase, while a framed vintage sports-related print might decorate a hallway wall. When you stick to only decorating with the sports items that have some meaning or value to you, you’ll avoid going too far with a sports themed decorating scheme.

Dedicate a Room to Sports

Your dedication to your team doesn’t have to dictate your decor all over the house, but it can control how things look in one room. If you have the space, and are a big enough fan, you can try making one room in your home the sports room. For example, you might decorate a half bathroom with your team’s colors and logos, or hang posters with your favorite players and use throw blankets and pillows with your team’s logo in the room where you typically watch the game. That way, you’re getting your dose of sports decor without having it creep into other areas of your home.

Philly’s known for having some pretty dedicated sports fans. How much or how little your fandom influences your home decor is, in the end, completely up to you.


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  1. John
    March 24, 2017

    My son is a sports enthusiast, so he wants to transform his room into a sport themed room. I think we’ll definitely be taking the article’s suggestion to pick a color that fits what team he wants his room to represent. I think that alone sets the entire tone and mood for the rest of the bedroom. Things like posters and pillowcases are supplemental to the overall color in my opinion.


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