The Best Outdoor Romantic Spots in the Frisco Area

A great how-to guide covering the best romantic spots around Frisco for a romantic Valentine’s Day picnic you and your loved one won’t easily forget. Tips for packing a picnic basket for your romantic rendezvous are also included.

It’s that time of year when love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and maybe you want to do something different from the usual romantic dinner spots. Have you considered a nice picnic while watching the sunset? Not many things are more romantic than that. So what are the most romantic spots around Frisco to view a sunset?

Fortunately, there are more than you might think. My wife and I love watching sunsets, so we have visited most of these places and can vouch for them.

Warren Park — This is one of our favorite romantic spots. It’s close to our home and has a great view of the sunset year round. You can either picnic on the grass or picnic in your car. We have done both.

Frisco Commons Park — It would be great to say that this is a well kept secret but every time I have gone there it is full of people — not crowded and cramped, but definitely popular. Sit in the pavilion on picnic tables or the stone seats around the Veterans Memorial or on the grass. Any place will be special.

Phillips Creek Ranch — The pavilion at the top of the hill is one of the highest spots in the county and the views of Lewisville Lake are great. Sitting at the top is definitely one of the most romantic spots in the area. The last time we visited in the summer of 2016, outsiders were allowed in. It is intended for residents but it does not seem to yet be barred to non-residents. But be forewarned if you are asked to leave.

Frisco Central Park — Home to our first picnic date after moving to Frisco, this park is tucked away off Parkwood between Warren and Gaylord Parkways. The amazing bronze statues are great to look at and there are several places to set up a picnic.

Harold Bacchus Community Park — A great park on the east side of town; if you are not a big baseball fan you may have not visited this park. There are picnic tables and a pavilion.

Beavers Bend Park — Another place you may not be aware of is Beavers Bend Park. This is another great spot to view a spectacular sunset. Be aware there are no facilities, just picnic tables, a couple of pavilions, and some grass.

City Hall Fountain — A great place to sit and listen to the water fountain and also see the sunset — well, mostly. Part of the tollway blocks the view of the sunset but it is a very nice spot anyway.

Now that you know where you want to go, you have to pack the perfect picnic basket. If you need ideas for a great romantic picnic, check out wikiHow for some excellent ideas. Generally, it is best to pack finger foods, fruit, cheese, and fizzy drinks — and don’t forget a nice blanket. Real silverware is also a nice touch as is real glass. Candles are a no-no in a public park because of the fire hazard. It is well documented that a bubbly drink is great for a romantic picnic, but you must remember that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in public parks. Sparkling cider, tonic water and lime, or fancy carbonated nonalcoholic drinks are great choices. Personally, I would avoid nonalcoholic sparkling wines, but that is just my preference.

Pack the basket, grab your loved one, pick a romantic spot, and enjoy!


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