The Best Websites for Vintage Furnishings

If you’re looking to furnish your apartment on a budget, or just incorporate some unique furnishings into your space, online marketplaces are a great resource. Here are a few sites that make the process easy, seamless, and safe.

When you’re moving into a New York City apartment, buying vintage or used furniture is a good idea for two reasons. The first: with the way rental prices are in New York City, after paying your broker fee, security deposit, and first month or two of rent, you’re probably going to be a bit strapped for cash (to put it lightly). The last thing you need to do in that situation is try to furnish an entire apartment with brand new, probably expensive, furnishings. Buying lightly used is a great way to save cash! The second thing to consider is the fact that vintage pieces tend to be more unique than big box furniture items — vintage is a great way to add personality to your space. An apartment filled with everything new can look sterile or overly decorated — adding something old gives you an eclectic mix and helps bring the space to life. Here are some great online sources for vintage or lightly used furnishings:

Move Loot

Move Loot is a great site for both selling and buying unique furnishings. They have rugs, furniture, lighting, decor, and more. Move Loot acts as a middleman when you’re looking to buy or sell, negating the need to meet your seller or buyer face-to-face. This makes it an altogether safer and easier undertaking. Move Loot also vets every piece of furniture that they accept to sell, which means no need to worry that your piece will be damaged or the pictures inaccurate.


AptDeco is a great way to get furniture at a discounted price, from such retailers as West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, and more. Why buy new when you can buy the same exact piece lightly used and save yourself some cash in the process? AptDeco takes care of the whole process for you. You browse the site by category, request to purchase, schedule your delivery, and you’re done!


If you’re in the position of having a little more cash to invest in your furnishings, but still want unique pieces, Chairish is a great destination for high-end pieces at a discounted price. Chairish has a team of curators who are very selective about the pieces that they will accept into the marketplace, making it something of a consignment shop for furnishings. They offer returns and payment protection, and have a rating system so you can know about the condition of the piece. They also have an app, making the buying and selling processes easier than ever!


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